29.05.12.Massovy fish kills in the Odessa area


29.05.12.Zhiteli village. Ovidiopol Odessa region found today in the Dniester estuary massive fish kills, mainly carp and roach.

As reported to the press service of the emergency department of the Odessa Regional State Administration, "to determine the cause of death of fish samples were collected fish, water, silt, which are directed to the Odessa Regional Veterinary Laboratory."

In turn, employees of public utilities district center Ovidiopol dead fish collected for recycling.

Commission on technological, environmental, security and emergency Ovidiopol district administration revealed a lot of dead fish on the shore of the estuary as well as in coastal waters, as well as live carp and roach afloat with signs of suffocation.

The conclusion of the regional veterinary laboratory professionals is expected next week, added to the emergency department.

Source: UNIAN

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