29.06.12.Gibel 70 green turtles in Australia


29.06.12.Uchenye can not explain the cause of the mysterious death of 70 green turtles cast ashore on the coast in the north-eastern Australia last week.

In Queensland, the State Department reported that 62 individuals were confirmed dead and 10 were close to death floating in the sea.
Service control manager of National Parks and Wildlife Queensland Marty McLaughlin said that the lack of turtle food and did not experience signs of disease were not.

The essential reason for which it was possible to establish the cause of death could not be identified mammals. We tested from infectious diseases, deaths from hunger and ending mechanical damage from motor boats, but found no confirmation. Analysis of water samples for toxic chemicals and also failed. It is a complete mystery he added.

Translation: the time factor

Source: PawNation

.Photo from: pawnation.com

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