29.12.11.V Krasnodar Karasun mass fish dies. Video


Lakes of Krasnodar, Krasnodar mass stranding fish

29.12.11.Ochevidtsy posted photos online. Several thousands stranded on the shore of the lake in the CHP. Local teens returned half dead fish back into the water in hopes of saving it. Noticed a massive loss on Dec. 29 at noon.
The incident was reported to specialists. Those water samples — the norm of harmful substances in the lake was not exceeded.

In administration, Krasnodar district reported that technical pond, and the discharge of pollutants there is officially permitted. Remove dead fish experts will be the next day.

Source: Channel 9 Kuban

Death of fish in lakes, Krasnodar, eyewitness photos

29.12.11. December 29 in Krasnodar mass mortality of fish in the lakes Krasunskih told YuGA.ru eyewitness.

"Flocks of fish jumping out of the water. A lot of dead fish lies on the banks of lakes, probably about 100 units per 1 square meter, " — Said the witness.

According to him, a small fish jumped out first 5-10 cm long, but a little later began jumping individual is about 15 cm

"If you look, not looking, at first it seems that in the water off the coast of something floating, like a fallen willow leaves in the water. But if you look closely, it becomes clear that it could be seen from the water back dead fish. Especially a lot of them, if you approach the pond from the streets of Stavropol and Seleznev. There lay a pipe that goes from the CHP, from which the hot water " — Said the eyewitness.

Also, according to the witness, in some places on the surface visible oil stains and spots.

"Last year there were similar phenomena with mass mortality of fish. We analyzed them and found that it is the natural phenomena associated with rotting vegetation in the ponds. The water is not enough oxygen, and the fish begins to die en masse. It is a natural process that is not associated with contamination. Established that it is repeated from year to year around the end of December, " — Commented on the Department of Natural Resources and the state environmental control of Krasnodar region.

Source: YuGA.ru

Death of fish in lakes, Krasnodar, eyewitness photos

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