3.06.12.Gibel fish Tolochin region of Belarus. Video


3.06.12.Ekologicheskaya disaster in Vitebsk region: from wastewater killed thousands of river dwellers.

For Tolochin cannery began the administrative process. For damages ecosystem faces a fine, reported in a news program "24 Hours" on CTV.

The problem of waste starch factory has become an environmental problem in the region. According to estimates of ecologists, killing nearly 11,000 inhabitants of the river: roach, perch and pike. Environmental damage is estimated at 700 million rubles. Indicator of pollution in the river is 8.5 times higher than normal. The oxygen level dropped to 2%, and for the life of the river fauna need at least 6%.

Paul Krivetsky, chief Tolochin district inspection of natural resources and protection of the environment:
Unauthorized discharge, because he is not from technological holes treatment facilities and out of the holes in the bottom of the checks, which led to a biological water pollution.

Starch plant equipment required replacement 20 years ago. But through it all works, in fact, now the factory clock recycles substandard potatoes from the region. Outdated treatment systems at these facilities are likely to fail.

The results of testing the company is ready to argue in court. Poison fish, according to the director, could and utilities, whose old collectors are at the bottom of the lake. A starch plant in the old days poured into the river and more wastewater.

Anatoly Anyuhovsky Director Tolochin cannery:
Discharges many times beyond the current discharges. Maybe 10-15 times. But the tragedy of the fish has never been. And our faults is to wash, that is, there may be cloudy water, washed potatoes from the ground. Accused of dumping volley — it is impossible. I do not think that we are guilty.

However, in the near future is planned modernization or construction of a new starch plant. In the area are hoping that this will solve the environmental problem.

Source: Capital TV Belarus

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