500 birds were killed in two months in Kalmykia on power lines from electric shock


MOSCOW, December 7 — RIA Novosti. At least 543 birds, half of which are in the Red Book of Russia, died in the past two months in Kalmykia against electric shock on transmission lines, according to the Union of Nature Conservation Germany (NABU).

"The numbers that are (really) believed to be much higher, as many dead birds picked predators show trudnootsenimye losses incurred by nature in the region. In Kalmykia intersect important ways migratory birds, breeding or wintering in other parts of Russia, Central Asia and the European Union ", — the chairman of international environmental fund NABU Tennhardt Thomas (Thomas Tennhardt), whose words are reported.

Source: RIA Novosti

Straight epidemic which then began, not so long ago in the Irkutsk region is also killed birds from power lines and if you look you probably can still find something else, and to be honest I do not understand where does the Union for the Protection of Nature in Germany, Th closer then no one was found, and probably ihnim experts do nothing else how to ride thousands of miles to Kalmykia, walk along the track near the power lines and counting the corpses of birds.

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