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At the turn of the century there have been disturbances caused by the introduction of the bar code EAN-13/UPC for labeling. They are associated with the assumption of a hidden presence in it of the number 6661. Many Christians saw in the modernized system of computer records forcible introduction into their lives anti-Christian symbolism and a violation of their religious conscience, but also the beginning of fulfillment of the prophecies of the Antichrist. Began to spread the call to boycott the system using bar codes and electronic numbers. Now, after the excitement subsided, it's time comprehensive analysis.

Old friend barcode
Barcode has long been widely used. Everyone knows the white label on the packaging with black stripes and numbers below them. Invented this way of writing numbers in the XIX century. on American railroads, where it was necessary to determine the number of cars in a fast-moving train. Americans invented the barcode system, not just small ones like ours, but big and thick, which were deposited on the wall of the car and that with the help of special devices which detect the number of cars passing. Then came the system EAN-8, then the double system, called the EAN-13.

The modern bar-code — the type of value is the computer where each figure correspond to different thickness lines. Numbers 0 to 9 are written in the computer two or three embodiments — sets — (as in conventional reckoning may be arabian, roman numerals and Slavic). Barcode Producer talks about the country, the quality, the name, sometimes the cost of the product.

The basic premise to the assumption that the number 666 encoded in the bar code — the presence of visual similarity adopted in this encoding the image number 6 and images enclosing strokes of the code. The latest are two thin parallel lines which are slightly longer than the others and are always at the beginning, in the center and at the end of the bar code. They are called "the parallels of security." However, these lines are not signed by any figures, but their graphic identity with those lines, the combination of which signed the number 6, gives reason to believe that any barcode includes three mandatory six. And, then, of any product, and now, and our documents containing bar codes that are marked with the Antichrist.

Who threw the first stone?
The question of the number 666 in the bar code was not even raised Orthodox. In the mid-70s this started complaining loudly Seventh-day Adventists, who according to the teachings of their religious organizations, particularly sensitive about the eschatological issues. They saw in the bar code apocalyptic number.

In the Orthodox world, the first to notice this the Greeks. In the late 90s before Greece to join the EU, the question of unification of identity documents — they have to meet European standards. Greek clergy, in particular representatives of the monks of Mount Athos, made a statement in which it said that the new document has a barcode, and therefore — 666. The application was supported by the results of the examination conducted by the monks specialists.

In June 1997, the Synod of the Church of Greece made a statement in which he said: "If and as the new passports will in future be used as a code for their reading electronic mechanisms, notorious and unacceptable number 666, then the Holy Synod, considering that violated the religious conscience of the Orthodox believers, encourages believers not to take the new passports. In this case, the government will have to consider those believers rejected for reasons of conscience and will be required to settle the other way their situation in the state "2.

Following the Greeks made a statement Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, when in Ukraine began to introduce a new electronic system of taxation. Ukrainian church hierarchy does not equate seal of the Antichrist and the possible presence of 666 in the documents, said, "We call on the relevant authorities to work out for the Orthodox believers in Ukraine discriminatory alternative system of taxation and registration of private individuals and religious organizations, as well as the right for all citizens to a free choice of the system of payment of taxes , in any case, without forcing the adoption of an identification code, which, among other things, dehumanizes people actually depriving his name and the name on the level of public and civic life, it demeans the dignity and leads to a violation of his rights and freedoms "3.

When in Russia, it was decided to modernize the tax system using bar codes in the church community protests were heard. On the anti-Christian spirit of the new accounting system and the prospects of a new world order expressed monks of Valaam Monastery and Optina. With warnings were revered throughout the Russian Orthodox elders Raphael (bark) and Kirill (Pavlov), the confessor of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

The official position of the Russian Orthodox Church has been expressed in the Declaration of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on March 7, 2000, entitled "Respect the feelings of believers. Keep Christian trezvomyslie "4.

What is the complexity of the problem?
Many professionals working with computer technology, we are assured: the use of the sign number 6 as a dividing line had no need. From this we can conclude that, consciously or unconsciously, but the developers of the global bar code system which is widely used today in statistics, trade, taking into account the movement of goods and in many other fields, chose the character offensive and disturbing to Christians, which seems, at least as stout joke.

Seeing the complexity of the problem, the Holy Synod, however, appealed to the pastors and congregation with a call to keep the Christian trezvomyslie5. It was also published an authoritative elder Archimandrite John (Krestyankin) on May 9, 2000 years.6.

It seemed that it put an end to many discussions, in any case, the issue of how to proceed in practice. However, the excitement among believers not subsided. For a comprehensive review of the problem and the formulation of a clear opinion on the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II, 19-20 February 2001 at the Trinity-Sergius Lavra in the walls of the Moscow Theological Academy held an enlarged meeting of the Synodal Theological Commission with the participation of bishops representing the Orthodox Church four countries — Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, governors and clergy stavropegic monasteries, government officials, consultants and experts. The point here was not only a bar code, but also the INN (individual taxpayer identification number). On the commission has been clearly identified theological position of the Church, are the views of scientific experts, and based on this, a final document, following which the opinion of the conciliar Church as the faithful were called. Thus Professor SPbDA Archimandrite Iannuary (Ivlieva) said: "With some census, numbered or without them, we are considering the text of Revelation has nothing to do. Here exegetes do nothing. "

Technological component issue
The question of the presence of 666 in the bar code is not clear. Some experts in the field of computer technology say it is 666, while others — not. In the scientific world there is no consensus on the question of whether the computer sees the figure of the dividing lines of the bar code. This is a matter of simple math, purely scientific. In science is considered to be the only proven that point of view, which is able to answer all questions and objections. The similarity of the lines with the lines that represent the number "six" seems obvious. But the resemblance is still not identity. In addition, these signs are not for people but for computers.

Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov), in its report, "Some are looking for salvation, others — great turmoil" has led expert opinion, which in a sense, has become a base for the formulation of the position of the Church: "In the beginning of last year on the website of Candlemas Monastery was an open discussion, in result of which we have strong expertise assertion that the barcode EAN-13 although not contained in the electronic form of the number 666, or say differently, three sixes, the machine does not read dividing long strips as 666, but visually a person who knows machine language, these parallel bands is associated with the numbers 6. Physics "joke" — introduced in two odious numbers 13 and 666, although there is no technical need for it was not. Personally, I am convinced that this has been done is going, but go into the consideration of the possible goals of such a strange shocking now is probably not the time. Here's expert opinion, which I imagine Commission (below give only the conclusions — CNews.ru) »7.

The main findings

To be able to conclude that from a mathematical point of view, enclosing three strokes are six (666) to perform 2 conditions:

All three envelopes stroke must match each other.
Images enclosing strokes to match the image number 6.

From research it is clear that:

In the presence of visual similarity, there is only indirect match enclosing strokes among themselves, as at the level of the internal representation at the level of the results of applying the recognition algorithm, enclosing strokes LGP / RGP does not coincide with the central touch CGP.
There is also an indirect match images enclosing lines and the number 6 because in the presence of 3 different pictures of the figure 6, in various Set A, Set B and Set C, Set A in the representation of the number 6 does not coincide with the enclosing strokes in Set C is not the same at the level of the internal representation of the scanner, and only in the Set B (22,5% of all possible pictures of the figure 6) there is a complete coincidence imaging enclosing lines and the number 6.

The symbol can be inverted
In conducting this study employed a one-sided approach to the analysis of information — a purely mathematical. However, we know that the number 666 as the name of the beast — a symbolic number, not having already mathematical sense. Consequently, it must be considered symbolically as consisting of 6 characters. Sixes, thus losing its mathematical sense and also become symbols. What remains from 3 different views 6 figures? — Do not worry, because you can invert the symbol — draw (converting vertical), you can flip (horizontal) — it will remain the same symbol — "6".

The situation is similar to the difference of the left / right enclosing strokes LGP / RGP and central dash CGP. Adding white stripes on the left (or right) can not change the value of the symbol. Thus, the image enclosing lines and sixes coincide symbolically, and therefore we can say that the barcode EAN-13 still contains the number 666. However, these conclusions have been several in the conclusions they do not differ from each other. So, in the barcode EAN-13 familiar with this system people (and the number of turns is addressed to the person's name, not the car), reads the number "666".

Whether it's the actual electronic documents?

Now with regard to the actual electronic documents. That's what many say, this is what they warn after the Greeks: that all electronic documents will also contain the number 666. Refers to the plastic cards, which contain magnetic line, which carries the information — from the metro cards, to the electronic identity documents, financial documents. At the request of one very good organization, we received a reply signed by the candidate of technical sciences A. Korablev. The expert says that in electronic documents using a system other than the EAN-13/URS, apocalyptic number is not found. A vehicle and other experts are ready to have a discussion, or to arrange any sort of re-examination. The same results were obtained from several experts in Belarus. They are published by His Eminence Metropolitan Filaret in church newspapers Minska8.

Add that to the diocesan clergy of the Moscow Meeting of December 15, 2000 Patriarch Alexy said — "I assure you, barcodes are no sixes!".

The final position of the Russian Orthodox Church

After a thorough discussion of the Theological Commission adopted a final document expressing the position of the Russian Orthodox Church on the issue of introducing a new system of computer records. Here are some of its provisions:

1. According to expert opinion, VAT is a sequence of 12 Arabic numerals, of which the first two are the area code, the next two — the number of the local tax authority, the following six — the number of the tax records of the taxpayer and the last two — the so-called "control numbers" to verify the correctness of entries . Having three sixes in this set of numbers can only be accidental. Talking about the indispensable presence of 666 in VAT no reason. In some publications, there is a statement that in the electronic, magnetic-readable record, as the code contains the number 666. According to the expert report, prepared by our commission, this claim has no basis.

The assumption of a hidden presence of 666 may be partly justified only when it comes to encoding information using bar code, executed in accordance with EAN-13/UPC, which is used for marking of goods (in this case it should be noted that the computer itself is not takes three pairs of elongated dividing lines as the sixes, but their graphic tracing is similar to the graphic mark of the six numbers in the same coding standard). When it comes to other recording systems known to us different from EAN-13/UPC (commodity barcodes), in particular on the magnetic strips are present in the electronic documents, the experts do not detect the presence of 666 in this type of information recording.

2. Common among some Orthodox Christian notion that "the Antichrist has not yet appeared, and press are already calling," or that there is a "pre-press", contrary to Church teaching about the appearance of the Antichrist in "the last days" of human history. As already mentioned in the Statement of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on March 7, 2000, entitled "Respect the feelings of believers. Keep Christian trezvomyslie "," trying to link the identification numbers with the "seal of the Antichrist", recall that in the patristic tradition of such a seal was understood as a sign that secures the deliberate denial of Christ … Contrary to this tradition, it is sometimes argued that technology can supposedly act itself to revolutionize in the innermost depths of the human soul, leading her to forget Christ. This superstition is at odds with the orthodox interpretation of the Revelation of St. John the Divine, according to which "the mark of the beast" is placed on those who consciously believe in him "only for the sake of his false miracles" (St. John Chrysostom). No outward sign does not violate the spiritual health of a person if the result does not become conscious betrayal of Christ and the desecration of faith. "

Participants of the meeting of the Theological Commission suggested the feasibility of Church and Community Council, which in contact with the authorities would carry out the study of the above mentioned processes and trends, analyzed the development of the relevant rules of international law as well as legislative initiatives and executive action which endangers the freedom of the individual and preservation of cultural and religious identity of the peoples historically associated with Orthodoxy. In this regard, it would be appropriate to send the President of the Russian Federation and the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation a letter from Patriarch and the Holy Synod.

Given that the technology of production and the use of such identifiers can not be considered reprehensible, it is necessary to seek guarantees preservation of privacy, and openness to people of all collected information about it when it is not available at the same time for anyone but the most competent government authorities, acting on the basis of relevant laws.

While acknowledging the objective and the ambiguous nature of globalization, the participants of the plenum consider it their duty to remind that the Creator of the world and Providence is God. During its two thousand year history of the Church of Christ has gone through many of the state apparatus, which set the goal of destroying the Church and spiritual enslavement of Christian nations, but they broke up a stone promise of Christ: "I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Mt. 16, 18).

5. In the "Bases of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church» (III.5) states that if the government compels people to sin, the Church may call for civil disobedience. However, these words from the acts of the Jubilee Bishops' Council in 2000 talking about the Church, and not about the individual clergy or laity, willfully daring to speak on behalf of the Church.

7. The Church has its own means of resistance build-up of sin in the world: it is not rallies, leaflets, and the commandments of God, prayer and penance. Confrontation multiplies evil in the world is truly a Christian thing, not when Christians infect each other unfounded fears, but when we live in concrete actions aimed at strengthening our faith and helping one's neighbor. "So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven" (Mt 5, 16). "

Almost the same thing said in his address to the faithful Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II on March 4, 2001 In this case, assuring that "the Holy Church will closely watch what is happening around her. Technological development can give malicious forces in the country and the world are too many possibilities to control a person's life. To avoid this, the church authorities to continue the dialogue with the authorities and with international organizations, encouraging them to keep the God-given freedom of the individual. "

The ratio of other faiths to bar codes and other methods of electronic accounting

A system of computer records by representatives of other Christian confessions was not made any statements regarding its spiritual aspect (except mentioned Adventists). In the West, where most other common denominations, all electronic numbers have long been used effectively, and that does not see any spiritual danger.

At a meeting of the Theological Commission of MDA in the report Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov) voiced opinions hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, in countries where such rooms have long accepted. Questions were asked on the phone (see the answers in a footnote) 9. Also on the committee was given the view of Old Believers tserkvi10.

Ilya Kabanov / CNews.ru


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