9×21 ammunition and gun for them (Article I)

Unfortunately, no standard firearms can not brag that he will always be a live and fit. There are, of course, with this medium its long-lived, such as, for example, the Colt M1911 and mnogokaliberny M2 machine gun, which, thanks to upgrades either, thanks to the first laid down in their highest traits kept afloat for quite a long time, but at some point, and such standards are obsolete and to replace them came others. Vtochnosti the same situation with ammunition, for example, the same ammunition for pistols possible to see that the first of the twentieth century, even self-defense weapon differed very small caliber, and only a bit later concluded that caliber should be bigger, and the construction of bullets for maximum efficiency should be other. If we talk about the fact that you can create at this point, since the end of the twentieth century, the emphasis is on the "armor" the possibility of bullets, because there are quite a huge spread and development funds were personal body armor, in general it is more about the military environment, but nevertheless the trend seen quite true. In this article, propose to meet with ammunition for pistols and submachine guns 9×21 made in Russia, and in follow-up with a tool for the ammunition.

The cartridges with the metric designation 9×21 contain the following notation: SP-10 (bullet cartridge with an iron core heat-over-penetration), SP-11 (bullet cartridge with reduced ricochet property with lead core), SP-12 (loaded with expansive bullet) and SP 13 (loaded with armor-piercing tracer bullet). The development of these weapons was started in the early 90's, together with the development of a new, at that time, self-loading pistol "Vector", aka "Gyurza", also known as ATP, also known as CP1, etc., but this weapon and its different variants talk a bit lower. All cartridges 9×21 are monotonous outer dimensions, so you can use them in one weapon even "mixed." Differ among themselves only by the design ammo bullets. The basis of ammunition cartridge 9×18 9×21 became the PM, in what has been lengthened to 21 mm sleeve, which in turn was made on the basis of .380 ACP (9h17), developed on the basis of 9 mm Brauning Long (9h20). Data has become the creator of ammunition designer Alex Yuriev. Now ammunition taken on board. If read as a whole, the ammunition at the time of occurrence of self-done quite a lot of noise, at least, if you believe people catch this moment and facing him. I weakly believed in that demonstration penetration of body armor with a pistol and submachine gun at anyone could produce severe memory (usually indicated that the hair on her ass tore Americans). Though the similar tool in the military quite specific, and that noticeable especially in our country, is a kind of tribute to the stories, if really need a weapon ubiquitous in the military. So the circumstances of concern of possible opponent I do not see, even if these bullets pierced the body armor fifth grade protection. In general, the alarmists in the U.S. are still those, so do not be surprised if the 9×21 really had a strong impact on the minds of those who were at the demonstration.

SP-10 is a cartridge with an inflated pierces the property, intended to destroy enemy personnel located behind the light shelters or protected by means of personal body armor. Poluobolochnaya bullet cartridge SP-10 is heat-treated metal core which protrudes from the bullets and shells are usually painted in a dark color. Core surrounded by plastic bullets shirt and bimetallic shell. The properties of the armor-piercing ammunition rchen really high for pistol cartridge, so this cartridge provides a breakout of body armor Class III A and 4 BR, on "nenashenskoy" systematization, and body armor that withstands bullets .44 Magnum, although the comparison is not entirely correct because the bullet cartridge .44 Mag and SP-10 is completely different, and a kinetic energy is small for body armor penetration. In general, this cartridge is taken for comparison does not hunt because the show, they say that's how the SP-10 is better when even the bullets of such devices are left out, as well as in the tables to classes this round of body armor specifically cited as an example. If we talk about our body armor, the bullet of this cartridge can penetrate body armor class 2 at a distance of 100 meters. By the way, you can draw attention to the fact that both of our tables by bulletproof vest took the class as an example of Germ-reducing protection from the "pistol" bullets. In other words, all the body armor that can protect its owner from his own bullets vserasprostranennyh cartridges pistols and revolvers can not withstand the pressure of bullet cartridges SP-10. Because of his own design bullet has not the greatest weight of 6.7 grams, with all the weight of the cartridge equals 11 grams. The initial velocity of the bullet is 420 meters per second. Recoil impulse cartridge is equal to 0.35 kg / s.

Quite a recognizable fact that the use of firearms in closed areas could lead to such a phenomenon as a nasty bounce. This happens due to the fact that the bullet hitting a wall, floor, ceiling, or the object encountered on her way to the end gives no obstacles their energy and reflected from them, may continue their own way, but the direction of this path is virtually impossible to calculate and predict . So Makarov, it is possible that the bullet will not hit the enemy, and a third person or, with very, very low probability, the shooter himself. The main difficulties of such a solution is either very, very low energy of a bullet, which, of course, not acceptable, or else create a bullet, which will be quite myagenkoy, so very very deformed by contact with an obstacle and give him virtually all of their energy. But for all that this bullet will be completely useless against even slightly, or effective means of personal body armor, but the bullet hit a bullet-proof vest, even if it passes, leaving not enough of pleasant feelings. So Makar, before the designers task is the development of such weapon, which is to find a balance between relatively normal bullets penetrating ability and decreased ability to rebound. In the middle rounds 9×21 ammunition with that bullet was the SP-11. It is the ordinary cartridge with a very ordinary myagenkoy bullet with lead core, packed in a shell. Because of the design of such a bullet cartridge lost his armor characteristics, but it is still quite in order to pierce body armor class 1, but with a kind of bounce messages could understand. Bullet Chuck SP-11 because of his own design has a greater weight in comparison with the SP-10, which equates 8 g, cartridge itself weighs 11.9 grams. The initial velocity has dropped to 390 meters per second, and the momentum of the recoil when firing the cartridge is equal to 0.37 kg / s. Color labels this type of chuck 9×21 has not, well, generally in appearance is the most common cartridge.

Obviously, the cartridge SP-11 came out very good and can be a significant konkurentnst most ammunition used in pistols and sub-machine guns, but there is no limit to perfection. Because ammo SP-11 does not stand out for their "armor-piercing" quality, gathered to make more effective when ingested anything unprotected goal. In addition, they decided to "kill outright 2-birds" and solve the problem with the possibility of a bullet to pass through the body of the enemy and hit the rear of a standing person. The only logical solution and increase the efficiency and reduce the length of the wound channel was to create a weapon with an expansive bullet. It is surpr
ising, but on this cartridge, called SP-12, have worked more than the others. At first version was created just poluobolochnoy with a bullet next to the pool there expansive cavity and though the effect of such bullets hit the body has increased many times, ballistics bullet left much to be desired and is not allowed to use the holder at distances greater than 50 meters, in addition, ballistic properties All cartridges 9×21 had to be at least roughly similar, so that the arrow did not have to adjust when you change the type of munition. To solve all these problems arose, it was decided to add another element in the pool, which would hide her "blunt" cut. This element has a plastic tip. But all prepyadstviya that were on the resolve of the weapon it is still not possible, there was still the problem of feeding the cartridge using a sub-machine guns. Because because designers have sought to bring ballistics bullet cartridge SP-12 to 9×21 cartridges other embodiments, the bullet SP-12 was initially a slightly different form, as well as the length, which reduced the overall length of boeripasa, this was the main problem, which consists in constant utykaniyah when submitting a sub-machine guns, but the gun's ammunition was acting completely normal. To resolve this prepyadstviya had virtually from scratch to design a bullet that was in the form vtochnosti the same as the other bullet cartridges 9×21, though, with all this amazing opportunity when it enters the tissue myagenkie bit down, but the trajectory of moving almost completely coincides with other 9×21 ammunition bullets. Bullet cartridges SP-12 is the easiest of all the 9×21, it weighs only 5.7 grams, with all this, the reference speed is equated with 400-425 meters per second.

And, finally, the latest variant of the bullet, armor-piercing tracer, loaded with ammunition SP-13. In general, for me personally a big mystery, which was set up under such ammunition guns and sub-machine guns, because of practical implementation I do not see him, but apparently once did, then you need to. According to its own essence, bullet cartridge SP-13 is different from the SP-10 only in that the back of her hand pressed tracer composition, but it would seem petty distinction seriously affected the properties of the weapon as a whole. Since the bullet has a weight of 7.1 grams, its initial speed equals 395 meters per second. With all of this was the least bullet "armor-piercing", but can still pierce body armor class 2 protection, the truth is the least efficient in comparison with the SP-10. Pressed tracer composition of the shot makes a colorful point of light from the back side of the bullet, but because its speed is quite large, and the human eye and brain even more so — "devices" far from perfect, it is perceived that point as a band that marks the path of the bullet . Typically, these munitions are used to adjust the fire, targeting, etc., but it came in handy on which to implement in a pistol cartridge, as I have read above, I personally still not completely clear. Labeled SP-13 cartridges greenish paint on the tip of the bullet, which is painted armor-piercing core and shell portion.

In addition, there is also a teaching cartridge, which is devoid of a powder charge and primer. He does cartridge of SP-10 on the outside is characterized in that approximately in the center of the sleeve there is a radial compression. Hardly anyone meet subsequent ammo, and it must be mentioned. In order to test the factory assembly locking the barrel has a regular patron of the family 9×21. This round is called "screening", has increased the powder charge. To distinguish this cartridge the other can be the dark paint that covers absolutely bullet. I recall that in the SP-10 is painted in a dark color just the tip of the bullet. Shove it into an instrument of the Ministry of Health is strongly discouraged, especially in the sub-machine guns in the sum with the introduction of an automatic firing.

In my modest opinion, 9×21 cartridges are now among the most promising of ammunition for pistols and submachine guns. Surprisingly for just as long as they were created not so quite a few samples of guns, but I think that this situation will soon be rectified. Maybe not yet tasted what it's all the same for Chuck, well, in the production of it is not cheap, but if you close your eyes to it, it is a good substitute for 9×21 9×18, 9×19 leaving far behind, both for the Ministry of the Interior, and for Army. Here, by the way, and a good topic for discussion under the article, because the tool is created on the base of the cartridge, the cartridge, it should just make a tool to meet the requirements, but it does not. Well, that is certainly a good tool, but is made to the requirements that are clearly unacceptable anywhere, but the fact that there can brag enough "flexibility", but here, the faster "bezrybe cancer and fish," if you can seriously read about the universality of guns, even taking into account the relative contrast of ammunition. But more on that in a later article.

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