A landslide in the Azores

March 15, 2013. Landslide occurred on about. San Miguel, which is part of the Azores islands belonging to Portugal. During a disaster in the rubble of their own homes killed three men, two of them were brothers. One of the brothers for some time had been missing. Landslide destroyed three century-old houses in the village of Faial da Terra, a native of which were all victims. Homes were on the edge of a cliff.

In place of the disaster immediately return fire, which was saved from the mud layers of three children, aged five, eight and 16 years, along with their mother. The father of the family was among the victims. Another four families managed to avoid self-lethal nature of the landslide occurred in the morning.

Landslide was caused by heavy rainfall, dominant in the Azores from the middle of the week. Throughout the archipelago temporarily declared "orange" code of danger. There are reports of other landslides in other parts of the archipelago. On about. Tarseyra in the center of Porto Jude came out of the vent channel banks, inundating the neighborhood and damaged several cars. From heavy rains and gale force winds damaged 20 houses and about 30 man had to be evacuated. The village center is completely blocked.

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On Azores islands of three people killed in a landslide

March 14, 2013. Due to the heavy rains in the Azores occurred landslides, three people were killed on the main island of San Miguel. According to a representative of civil protection, three houses were covered by a landslide.

About 400 employees of fire protection and civil protection have been involved in the work of clearing. Because of the destruction and the risk of new landslides several families were evacuated to a safe location, said the head of the regional government of Vasco Cordeiro.

In other parts of the archipelago many homes were flooded, and several man injured. The situation was particularly bad, according to official data, in Porto Jude on the island of Terceira, some residents had been evacuated.

Because of the bad weather, a Portuguese airline SATA canceled all flights from airports Azores islands. The archipelago in the morning Thursday, March 14, there were about 700 passengers.

Source: The Epoch Times

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