A special helicopter for special units

For almost half a century of existence of the helicopter E-8 based on it was created a few 10 s of helicopters for various purposes. On the basis of universal design manufactured vehicles, multi-purpose, passenger and even helicopter gunships. As it became clear very soon, the family of the Mi-8 transport and replenish with another combat modification created to perform specific tasks.

A special helicopter for specialized units

Another first illumine the media disk imaging was reported on the development of a version of the Mi-8, created for use in various special units. Then argued that the helicopter must be equipped a new navigation equipment, equipment for flight in adverse weather, TV and imaging, also refreshed armament. According to press reports, the new version of a helicopter for special forces to bear not only the small armament, and the more severe the system, including anti-tank missiles and unguided. So Makar, helicopter fighters will be able to deliver to the site of the assignment, and then support them with fire from the air.

As a prerequisite for the creation of a new special transport and combat helicopters, some sources in the Defense Ministry called the foreign experience, for example, the elimination of Osama bin Laden, when the men of South American special forces SEAL covert operations have reached a place in a specially equipped helicopter. In addition, the cited reason for the creation of a need for air transport to perform specific tasks jointly by helicopters and ground units. In the future, new helicopter could provide transportation and support special forces with the efficiency that is not inferior to today's approach, where the Mi-8 transport accompanied by military E-24.

On the days of the story with the new transport-combat helicopter will be continued. According to "Izvestia", Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant has finished the development of the project of modernization of Mi-8, which will allow to raise its military capabilities. At present, the plant is preparing to start assembly of the first prototype of the new helicopter and has already begun to receive equipment from related companies. The assembly of helicopters with a new set of equipment and weapons is over, apparently, by the summer, and by the end of this year will be tests.

The clear structure of the new equipment designed to increase the features of the machine, has not been announced. Yet, from a certain source in the defense industry "News" learned some details. If the words of the source correspond to reality, then refreshed helicopter modification of the Mi-8AMTSh receive surveillance radar and a new navigation system that allows you to create missions in all weather conditions and at any time of the day. In addition, helicopter immediately receive two opto-electronic station. The first will be established to review the terrain and navigation, the second — to control the on-board weapons. The station used a weapon, will also be armed with a laser range finder.

There is information about the disposition to ensure the ability of flight NIGHT MODE. Source "News" says that the new equipment cabin "for special forces helicopter" will be made in view of the ability to work with them with night vision devices. So Makar, pilots will be able to immediately look for the devices and setting out in the cold. Apparently, in order to facilitate monitoring of the surrounding environment on the helicopter will be installed dual-mode spotlight, created to illuminate the area in the visible and infrared spectra.

The composition of the arms has undergone some changes by comparison with what he saw last fall. Allegedly, after a series of consultations and military aircraft plant engineers, it was decided not to equip refreshed transport and combat E-8AMTSh anti-tank weapons. In the tasks of special forces does not go fight against the enemy armored vehicles and for this reason it will be pretty just a few rockets and machine guns. In addition, the lack of on-board anti-missile system will save on the weight of his instruments, also on the prices of its production and installation.

Creating a special military transport helicopter for special units really is a fundamental task. As pointed out by foreign experience, far away is not always enough to perform tasks only available technology. Often in combat units available rotorcraft are being finalized in the home. Such improvements in the main concern of fastening systems and tools, etc. But even such makeshift improvements can not fully performance special tasks. The last years have demonstrated that only one installation of new weapons can not significantly increase the combat potential of the helicopter. Numerous night raids U.S. helicopters in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the operation to eliminate bin Laden, they say the need to equip specialized equipment for helicopters NIGHT MODE or in adverse weather conditions.

In the presence of the respective hardware night attacks can take the enemy by surprise and with great success to perform their puzzle, having suffered the smallest loss significantly. Upgraded Mi-8AMTSh can be used, for example, in the North Caucasus, where to most places in the mountains can be reached on foot or by land, or by air, and the weather conditions far not always promotes flights. So Makar, thanks to the new "helicopters for the Special Forces' special forces will be able to seek out and destroy militant bases in the mountains of the black time of day and other transactions of this kind. At the same time, the ministries of defense and internal affairs is unlikely to be useful huge amount of modernized Mi-8AMTSh. At this point mention purchase 15-20 helicopters, which will be distributed between the various special forces. More possible for the start of deliveries refreshed technology is the end of this year, when the end of the first tests of prototypes.

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