A squad of special purpose Hero: professionalism, multiplied by the courage

A squad of special purpose "Hero": professionalism, multiplied by the courage

35 years ago, December 29, 1977, on the basis of the Third Battalion of the Second infantry regiment Separate Motorized Rifle Division special purpose Dzerzhinsky was formed special forces training company. Its creation was necessary because it was important to provide capabilities that would provide security during the Olympic Games in Moscow. Therefore the task was put completely right: to learn the effective conduct of the armed struggle against terrorists. In March 1978, he was signed by the special order of the formation OMSDON training company.

The first commander was Captain spetsroty Vladimir Maltsev which doing their duties until 1981. As regards personnel, in this subdivision soldiers were taken on a voluntary basis from among the best athletes. In addition to good physical training, the candidates were required to have and mental stability.

Routine day or military units was as tough: it began with a heavy charge of mandatory cross consisting of 3-5 km, unarmed combat, horizontal bar, bars, obstacle. Classes begin immediately after the morning inspection, to automatism perfected the blocks and strikes, grabs and throws a knife and protection from the rest of the guns, acrobatics. After lunch it started again …

History is full of events division. And the measured life of the soldiers of the "Vityaz" is not even dreamed of.

First, in June 1980 fighters company successfully completed combat tasks related to security in the region "Vnukovo" airport where the plane crashed, in what crashed An-24. Next, a month, a company provided security during the Olympics. In 1981, the men of "The Knight" took part in a special operation to eliminate disturbances in Ordzhonikidze, then with a group of "A" KGB units in December fighters participated in a special operation, the purpose of which was to free the hostages — kids who seized offenders in a school Sarapul — town in the Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

And then began the "hot" trip, which you can learn a map of the USSR. In 1982 — special forces were eliminated mess, who organized the recruits from the North Caucasus from Moscow to Yaroslavl. In 1984, they had to assist the investigation team Prosecutor's Office, which was the maintenance and protection of the values associated with the so-referred to as "Uzbek affair" — bribery, corruption and abuse of power.

In 1986, soldiers of units together with a group of "A" participated in the operation to free the captured aircraft in Ufa. With 2 years later — the suppression of robberies, looting and attacks in Sumgait, special operations in Baku and Yerevan, in 1989 — Special Forces participated in the liquidation of the riots in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, Moldova and Azerbaijan, in 1990 — released insulator temporary detention which Kizel was in town and was seized by armed offenders.

In the spring of 1991 the battalion reformed in squad Specialty "Knight". From now comes the scary and hard work. "The Knight" had a lot to do some fighting. In addition to the role in the Afghan war, they were engaged in disarming militias in South Ossetia, carried out operations to arrest militants preparing terrorist acts in Vladivostok, were engaged in carrying out prospecting and exploration activities and Karachay-Cherkessia, the purpose of which was to conduct detention and disarmament of Chechen militants who tried to infiltrate on the area of Abkhazia. In addition, the men of the detachment was tasked to arrest criminals particularly unsafe in Kabardino-Balkaria.

In 1992, during the commandos took an active role in the resolution of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict.

One of the most difficult special operations, which had participated in the "Knight", was the release of telecentre "Ostankino" in 1993. Then the soldiers arrived at the place at 16.00, and almost immediately came there and Protestants on stolen cars. The battle lasted over an hour. During this period, three times Protestants stormed the building, throwing Molotov its consistency. Special forces successfully repulsed all attacks. It was only eight o'clock arrived in time to help … then died young soldier, who was only 19 years old — Nikolai Sitnikov. He was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation, and his name remains in the long lists of the personnel of the "Vityaz".

Further back there was a war, now Chechen, in which Special Forces had a very hard time, because first division created to fight against terrorism. In the Caucasus, "Knight" had to do a completely different function, which was a prerequisite for permanent losses of personnel. From the first days of December 1994, units of fighters were destroyed by the enemy roadblock stanitsa Ishchersky.

First spring of the next year, they participated in special operations for the liberation of Argun and Gudermes, also oppose the militant gang Raduev near the Dagestani village of May Day and to liberate the village Novogroznensk from gangs.

In March 1999, squad reformed in the first special forces regiment of the Red Banner "Knight". He was appointed commander Colonel M.A.Melikov. And after a few months, in August, the men had to go to the latest military operation in Dagestan, who was captured by Chechen rebels. Then the bandits managed to knock out the captured areas. During the operation, Major S.Basurmanov died, who was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia. Died at his post and Sgt S.Burnaev, which also became a hero of Russia.

In October 2002, the "Knight" took part in the raid to free the hostages, who were seized by Chechen rebels in the theater on Dubrovka.

At present, "Knight" — is not only a highly mobile military subdivision. This association, where a large role to former members. So, for example, works well maroon berets Social Security Association, headed by a colonel S.Lysyuk, Hero of the Russian Federation. He served 16 years in the force. "Brotherhood of maroon berets" Knight "became the pioneer of the monument fallen warriors unit. In addition, the Association intensively protects the rights of commandos.

A squad of special purpose "Knight" has, over the years established traditions. So, in fact from the very beginning of its existence, the notion of 'maroon beret', which was sacred for the fighters. Then it was decided that the beret is necessary not just to hand, and they must be earned. So Makar, awarding maroon beret turned into a real ritual, and each commando had to prove that he is worthy of wearing it.

By the way, the test is very difficult. First, applicants must overcome many kilometers cross country with aqua-bottlenecking. Then — to cope with an obstacle course and survive in fights with proven warriors. Therefore maintain unity. Specifically, he and the privilege to get the maroon beret.

For the ordinary person, which far from the military sphere, the term "commando" is associated with ruthlessness and unsociable. But about the men of Detachment "Knight" itself can be said. They are taught not to be bitter, but to survive in critical situations to help people who find themselves in failure. And for the soldiers of the "Vityaz" is very valuable to the concept of friendship, as between themselves, and they
do not call each other on the other, as little brother.

This year marks the 35th anniversary division. One can only congratulate the people who have to do with this elite unit, which is considered to be the true pride of the country. And very hunt impose that the government will keep in mind about those people who are always on the protection and safety at any moment ready to give life for the salvation of others.

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A squad of special purpose "Hero": professionalism, multiplied by the courage

A squad of special purpose "Hero": professionalism, multiplied by the courage

A squad of special purpose "Hero": professionalism, multiplied by the courage

A squad of special purpose "Hero": professionalism, multiplied by the courage

A squad of special purpose "Hero": professionalism, multiplied by the courage

A squad of special purpose "Hero": professionalism, multiplied by the courage

A squad of special purpose "Hero": professionalism, multiplied by the courage

A squad of special purpose "Hero": professionalism, multiplied by the courage

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