A teenager from the United States learned 20 languages


Timothy Doner — not the captain of the basketball team, not the president of the student government body, and not even the main character of some student productions. But the 17-year-old guy to give odds to any of his classmates, if not any American teenager.

Doner speaks 20 different yazykah.V Timothy hometown, New York City, there are many Italians, Muslims, Africans, Russian, German and Japanese. And this guy can with all of them obschatsya.Pervym Timothy learned Hebrew. Then he switched to Arabic.

He not only began to learn Farsi, but also to monitor the political situation in Iran, reading the newspaper "Tehran Post."

After that, he did not stop smog.Praktikovat your conversational skills Timothy is trying by all means. In Chinatown, it enhances your Mandarin, and the seller kebab — arabskiy.Esche Timothy improving their language skills on Skype. He says that he has friends and from Afghanistan, and from Singapore.

However, the main school for him are still streets.

So, dear foreigners, be on the alert. You may listen to Timothy Doner.

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