A tornado hit the south of the United States: there are victims

February 11, 2013. To the south of the U.S. state Mississippi tornado blew. Hurricane accompanied by torrential rain. Wind speed from 22 m per second has increased to 45.

The city Pickwick five people were injured in the disaster. At present, a tornado moves towards neighboring Louisiana and Alabama.

As a result of floods destroyed about 50 homes, dozens of mangled cars. The greatest damage was caused to the town in the central part of the Hattiesburg Mississippi. According to media reports, was seriously injured University of Southern Mississippi. Several schools in the state were closed.

Residents of the southern districts of Mississippi advised to wait out a tornado in a safe place.

Earlier it was reported that the storm "Nemo" left without electricity for about 700,000 homes in the United States, cutting off many villages from the transport connection. According to recent reports, the victims of disaster are nine people, including seven deaths in the U.S. and two more — in Canada. Most of them were killed in a road accident.

The thickness of the snow cover, dropped out less than a day in some places reached one meter, according to the National Weather Service. Snowfall was so strong that snow removal equipment often stuck on clearing the trails and streets. Snowmobiling in many states were the only vehicles on Saturday, in which one could move.

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A tornado destroyed dozens of homes in Mississippi, there are victims

February 11, 2013. Swept over the territory of the State of Mississippi tornado caused severe damage to three districts, according to Reuters, referring to the authorities. In Forrest County Sheriff Billy McGee said the hospitalized from 10 to 15 man, who were injured. Also reported three wounded in Marion County.

Seriously injured city Hettisberg, located 160 km south of Jackson, the state capital. The city has destroyed dozens of buildings and significant damage to buildings received the University of Southern Mississippi. In the nearby town of Pat destroyed about 100 buildings. City Mayor Hal Marx said that several people received minor injuries, severe victims.

In the area where the tornado passed, due to a broken power lines, many consumers are disconnected from the power supply. Exact numbers officials have not yet named.

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In the south of the U.S. to begin reconstruction work after a devastating tornado

February 12, 2013. He flew over the state of Mississippi, affecting more than 60 people, Reuters reported. The biggest damage is done Hattiesburg city. There are dozens of destroyed buildings, severely damaged the church. Knocked down hundreds of trees and transmission towers. The tornado was unusually strong, the width of the funnel than a kilometer away, and the wind speed reached 230 kilometers per hour.

"I was very scared, but I remembered that we must somehow escape. Then I crawled under the table. Outside the window, quickly grew dark and the wind roared so much. It was very scary, would not want to experience it again, "- says a resident g.Hettisburg Mary Key.

At the University of Mississippi under the impact of elements horrible hostel. Fortunately, it was an off day and the students had left, there were no injuries.

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South Mississippi has experienced a devastating tornado

In several districts of the southern U.S. state of Mississippi and Alabama tornadoes swept train. As a result, about a dozen people were injured, eight of them were hospitalized, damaged housing hundreds of homes and other buildings, including the building of the campus, the stadium and the training classes at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Brunt tornado was in the city of Hattiesburg Petal and Forrest County, about 160 km south-east of Jackson, the state capital. Funnel swept through the land a few hours before dusk and damaged about 100 homes and businesses. Tion on the streets of houses without roofs stands, tree debris scattered everywhere.

Tornadoes in Hattiesburg reached 1.2 m in diameter, but him in Mississippi meteorologists recorded two separate tornado. In the districts of Forrest, Lamar, Marion and Lawrence declared a state of emergency.

And next door, in the southwest Alabama, instruments recorded as many as seven air funnels that have raged in the three districts of the state. One of them damaged the roof and walls 46 and houses in Clark County. In both states, organized the work of search and rescue teams, who check the rubble for signs of new victims.

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America attacked series tornado

February 11, 2013. Following the snow storm "Nemo" that claimed the lives of at least ten people in America hit series tornado. According to "CNN en", on Monday in the state Mississippi from the action of the tornado hit twelve man. In addition, there were more than a hundred buildings destroyed, mangled car lots. According metesluzhb, in the Mississippi raged three different vortex.

The greatest damage was done in Hattiesburg, in particular, there is located the University of Southern Mississippi. Many homes were without electricity due to power failure.

Later, according to the authorities, a series of seven tornadoes hit the state of Alabama. One of them caused damage to 46 homes in Clark County.

According to meteorologists, weather, set in the southern states, favors the formation of a tornado. Wind force increased from 22 to 45 meters per second.
The situation is similar in Alabama December 25, 2012, the night of Christmas, then from the disaster killed several people.

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