A tropical storm has hit southern Vietnam

A tropical storm has hit southern Vietnam Natural Disasters

The first in the Northern Hemisphere tropical cyclone season Pakhar the first time in 40 years, appeared in April, weakened to a tropical storm before it hit the southern coast of Vietnam Vung Tau and Ham Tan. When the storm hit land, the maximum speed was developed by wind gusts up to 65 kilometers per hour (minimum for a tropical storm).

Heavy rains and strong winds knocked down many trees, flooded main roads and caused power outages for several hours. More than 2,000 local residents living in areas most at risk from flooding, had to be evacuated before the storm hit the coast.

Pakhar affected seven provinces, including the port city of Ho Chi Minh City. It is currently known about the two victims and 10 injured. In the provinces of Dong Nai and Ben Hoa city, more than 700 houses and various buildings were destroyed. Everywhere were flooded streets and squares, and felled trees. Interestingly, in the southern province of Tien-Gyan rain possible to avoid fires, which could happen in the near future, and provided fresh water with which to obtain rid of the sea water in the rice fields.

According to the Hydrometeorological Center of the cyclone is moving west and should reach Cambodia during the day with wind gusts of 39 kilometers per hour. In the Philippines, rains caused by the same system as the Pakhar, took the lives of two people, and another two were missing.

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