A unique find of Iranian archaeologists




During the archaeological excavations of the burial ground, "Tariq Kula" in the Iranian province of Kurdistan, was found a unique stone seal with the image of the ancient mythical gods and humans. Its uniqueness is determined, first of all, the fact that such signets still not found, and it refers to the pre-Aryan period of Iranian history.

As the director of the Organization for the preservation of the cultural heritage of the province of Kurdistan Ibrahim Mohammad Zare, this signet depicted ancient mythological deity of the state Mann and honorable man. With the discovery of this stone seals, especially given its location at the cemetery, one can draw some conclusions about the customs and rituals of the region's population in those historic times — said Zare.

The archaeological site — the burial ground, "Tariq Kule" is located near the cave "Kereftu" in the vicinity of the Kurdish city of Divandare. Excavations in the area began in 2001 and conducted two seasons of archaeological work. At the moment, studied an area of 30 km, where it was discovered and investigated 14 ancient tombs, which are found in metalwork and pottery related to the culture of Mann and resembling discovered during the excavations of the hill "Ziviye" near the town of Sekkez artifacts — Zare said.


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