Abnormal flowering trees: blossomed cherry, pear and lilac


Autumn comes, while Ukraine has the unusual: trees bloomed like early spring. In Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Sevastopol, and in many other cities emit white tassels chestnuts and leaves on them and remained almost — yellowed, opal … In one of the courtyards of Dnepropetrovsk people are given only diva-White gave a pear-wildings. In Kiev, that too for all the amazing, happy colors cherry tree.

Here is another little miracle: in the Crimean village of New World flowered lilac. Workers House Museum Prince Golitsyn going to do routine pruning bushes, but his hand did not rise to the tender buds.

— Secondary flowering trees there quite often, there is no anomaly — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine" a senior scientist at the National Botanic Gardens of. Vladimir Grishko Kvasha. — Scientists are interested in the phenomenon 150 years ago and has since watched it. Known to 50 trees that emit colors of autumn.

The secret is that each plant has a supply of flower buds and uses it when changing weather conditions. This occurs most often when a hot summer comes cool. In Sevastopol, for example, noted that once the northern winds begin to blow, acacia blossoms.

More often than not, according to the scientist, the autumn color throw chestnuts. The fact that the secondary flowering characteristic of weakened trees. From a bad environment they dizzy, joke environmentalists. Confused with the fall in the spring.

— But the cherry blossoms in Ukraine is really rare — says biologist.

Valeria Chepurko — 12/09/2012


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