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40-year-old Natalia Musienko more than ten years, does not release area. In the most mysterious place Kuban went correspondent "Kurier"

— Recently, I wake up in the night by a knock at the roof. Decided to go on the porch and look at that for the night bird showed up in our forests. I go out and sleepy not believe my eyes. On the dais is gnome gnome, but a tiny old man with disheveled hair, in balahonchike. I think it might be dreaming, his elbow caught the jamb, I feel that I do not sleep.

— Do not be afraid, — kind of like in my head voice said — I Shishak, with the good came. You want to look at the house, and then all I see in the woods. Well, fear not, I'm going … and disappeared like mist.

The next day, rushed to the library. Indeed, the spirit of the forest in the old days was called Shishak. That's because, believe or not believe, and I was very weird.

I believe, in fact Natalia Musienko — a serious man, no dreamer. Especially as she lives on the edge of an abandoned village in Shapsugskaya Abinskii area.

Now these places are deserted, though Shapsugskaya village was in the old days, very wealthy. Today, there are only 200 people, according to the polls. People have gone to other places, there is no work.

House — a full cup

In the village, while I was looking for hermit who lives alone in the woods with four children, all told. Someone said it was a witch, someone twists his finger to his temple. Others, such as rural boy Kolya (as he introduced himself), according to its Garnier aunt — all places the local know how and daring — not afraid of anything!

I found Natalia in her hut on chicken legs (although quite modern — with pictures and wallpaper on the walls and shelves of books) on the outskirts of the forest. To the nearest hut three kilometers.

Statuesque, a pretty woman in a trendy tracksuit spore split the wood, was invited to the table. Over a cup of sweet tea from herbs laughed:

— But what is unusual, I've lived here. We are well, the children grow healthy, I have assistants. Yes, and here's my job — I'll master the environmental area. It is true that I had not lived like. All I had. In Kiev University graduated, got married, gave birth to three. Began restructuring — a family business engaged. The house was built, the children shod-dressed better than anyone. I even entered the Moscow Academy of Management. Then the "Black Tuesday" redrew all, study cast, and then her husband.

Abnormal love

Fell in love with the mother of three children in a crazy person, which was once infamous in the city. Familiar turned away from her, believed that the mind quite lost. And she believed, as the first grade, that his love will change that person. And gave birth to a son and a daughter. Soon all that was left after the divorce, and a lot of money, gone, the water in the sand. Her favorite was a big blow to the wind craftsman foreign capital. But the money ran out — and threw it. In those days, only in the forest and escaped, healed the soul in pain. And when the life went on smooth riverbed, Nicholas returned. Swore that he would not live without it can not, the kids each night dreaming that can not understand how he could make such a move.

— The case was before the New Year. He had to go into the forest and pick a festive Christmas tree. Come along, long sought, it is necessary to return to the warm hut, and he put his "Let's go to the dolmen — says Natasha — I want to stand beside him."

Discouraged it, you can also put off the campaign. But the stubborn man that bull. And when Nicholas went to the dolmen and touched it with his hand, something happened, and fell like a stone.

— As I dragged him on the snow, I do not remember. Doctors said — a heart attack, can survive, the young. Did not survive. And back home — a new emergency. The house is full of smoke, three of them under the blankets osoloveli, youngest rocking in the crib, like a drunk. Time to the minute. Rescued children.

Zone — a fate?

Natalia was scared then strongly and for myself, but more for the children. She decided to go to Moscow, to return to civilization. Friends have found a place in the company with a good salary. She was sitting on the nodes, the tickets were purchased, but the area (as Natalia seriously nazyvatsya these places) it did not want to let go. For no apparent reason in the pressure cooker exploded in the hands of women. In the burn center of the city of Krasnodar defeat determined 35 percent of the skin. This figure is almost critical.

She said first six percent of the skin to transplant, and it required 16. You'll see, she repeated, accustomed. Indeed, everything went well. Here are just a leg does not heal, doctors feared she would not be able to stand up to them. And she begged, you have write down, and there I am on the nature of the sources leg save. And so it was, I almost ruined the area, and the area has helped. There remained. The children did not grow up in the zone data adults, all are able to do. Senior already living separately, four — with the mother. Lucy is cooking, as in the restaurant, and the glory of himself he built a summer kitchen. And the two youngest of them are not far behind. For them, as for Natalie, everything is alive.

Pilgrims here are walking in the mountains. First of all, Natalia leads them to the dolmen, he is older than the pyramids of Egypt and has magical powers.

— If the background of his picture taken, you can see the red light and yellow light. A special light is coming from the roof. It is completely flat and the gigantic weight. How did ancient people constructed of 30-ton slabs impassable woods these homes crypts?

Natalia and led me to the ekskurskiyu his holdings.

— Here look, — shows a tree, all hung with rags. — This is a wonderful tree. Those who want to bring back a loved one, to bewitch someone else's husband, secretly tied up at its branches or a piece of cloth strips of sheets, which together were sleeping, others — scraps of underwear. They say that helps. One man ran to the women — do not stop. Wife asked a tree — and how to ward off.

Not far from the dolmen — a mountain crystal river. On another hillside visible fountains green clay. "This is a healing clay — says Natalya. — It is the composition of kin naftalan, with the same smell."

In the Caspian Sea, where there is access to this healing mud, located resort of international importance. The first recognized by geysers horse. They come here in autumn herd and begin to roll in the mud. Now tourists are so natural inhabitants of the surrounding villages come to be treated. And so — no hospital or nursing home, nobody needs such wealth.

We reached a small wooden chapel. It turns out that during the persecution of priests wandered here from the monastery monk Theodosius Caucasian. It was a revelation to him over and he realized that these places are healthful, but he tried desperately sick, desperate people and helped them. The family of one of the rescued girls built this chapel in his honor.

— And there is more — Natalia shows up — there is a way out of the ridge. We call this the Kuban Shambhala. Here you can see the columns of the radiation from the earth. They even filmed from space. Emissions are different, the silver, like daylight, the red as sunset haze, then yellow, like solar light.

Shapsugskaya village is listed in the catalog of the Royal Geographical Society as the cleanest in the world. In October, a seminar here ethnographers and historians. They came and American spices. The participants saw with my own eyes is a wonderful place, dowsing rods and experimented own skin have felt that there is something. A guide to the mysterious place is Natalia.


"Krasnodar kurer", 03.12.2003, Krasnodar, n47
Author: Eugene Pozur
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