Above the city in the Ulyanovsk region Barish Hurricane


The hurricane tore roofs of several houses. Photo: from the archives

23.06.11. Squall hit the area on Monday, about 17 hours. Strong wind knocked some old poplars, broken wire, carried satellite dishes.
At 27 homes did not survive the roof — literally iron sheets being uprooted. After pouring rain and hail turned the upper floors of an apartment in the shower.

— We returned home, and found the kitchen now flooding — said a resident of one of the houses on the street Lunacharskogo pensioner Tatyana Mikhailova. — Dripping from the ceiling, wall wet, it seemed that the roof was about to collapse.

In the streets of the district center was fit to travel by swimming. Flowing rivers have become roadways and sidewalks, at a railway crossing was a large whirlpool. Flooded basements and barns, located in a valley. From the fields and hills streams carried sand and gravel. Gardeners had not sweet — the lion's share of crops washed away and killed a torrent.

Evening area plunged into darkness — out of order several electrical transformers. Especially hard aliens eastern district center — the damage to the substation was so serious that I had to order new equipment in Ulyanovsk.

— We were without electricity for almost two days — continued story Tatiana Mikhailova. — Refrigerator melted, all the products have soured.

The weather has stabilized, the effects of binge elements are eliminated. According to the chairman of the district committee of Emergency Michael Zapadnova all breaks power lines removed, is to clear the streets of fallen trees and debris. Calculated the damage area hurricane. CSF Chairman assured that the roofs on residential buildings also necessarily fixed. District authorities have pledged funds.

Dmitry Strong

Source:  KP.RU — Ulyanovsk

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