Acute scarcity of defense

Acute lack of defenseFunds for the latest military equipment allocated, whether they will go for the intended purpose?

Municipal defense order for 2011 year will fail with a huge bang more than it did in the past year. Guilty, usually to announce the industry, can be fired any of the directors. And the problem grows like a snowball.

In the fall of 2010, the Secretary of Defense with the whole army straightforwardness said president and commander in chief, that the programm-year procurement of weapons will not be executed, many were shocked. How so? Funds allocated large, and there is no return! Caught stealing seized and executives, damn. Drive them into the neck! And drove.

For example, the management of the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant, the share of which in the state defense order was purely symbolic, we can say zero. Fired anyone else who was completely innocent. Passion pokipeli, subsided, but the harsh critical analysis of the situation developing with the order promising and procurement of military equipment available, not spent. This year, in the spring of talking out loud about what goes wrong and the current order. By the end of summer is a tremendous part of the already agreed contracts by the Ministry of Defence has not been signed, respectively, not funded.

GOZ-2011 — the first in a superb and reckless raspiareny state armaments program — LG-2020. For this program there to the secret, the "twenty-twenty" park the Russian army, air force and navy must be renewed almost one hundred percent.

His base amount to the standards of weapons, of course, only Fifth-generation Russian armed forces again become "invincible and legendary." That's just stay there by the time our country has at least some power?

The fact that the LG 2020 is scheduled crazy trillions of rubles. And GOZ-2011 was to show that the authorities are not joking, they really means for the defense of the Fatherland not regret. Council on defense contracts this year allocated 750 billion rubles. How to paint the journalists, the armed forces prior to 2012, the should have received a multi-role nuclear submarine, the latest generation Project 885 "Ash", two strategic missile submarines of project 955 "Borey" rockets filled with "Bulava" corvette also the latest generation of 35 different combat 109 aircraft and helicopters. Also planned to buy 36 new ballistic missile strategic focus, 20 strategic air-launched cruise missiles, 5 gallakticheskih vehicles and 21 anti-aircraft missile system. And about hundreds of BMP-3M. And how many out there tanks, and also to the same more …

Almost all of it is in my dreams, dreams and hallucinations. The most expensive military targets — strategic submarine "Yury Dolgoruky" and "Alexander Nevsky" — exactly in order not rise. Their main armament, missile "Bulava" is still far from perfect, and it will end when the tests do not even know the Minister of Defence. Moreover, there is information that is not only missiles, and missile carriers themselves were "problematic." And at the moment done everything possible to at least the first submarine "Yury Dolgoruky" was adopted by the state commission in December of this year.

Ground-launched ballistic missiles have long been worked out, as it were, and mass production of their adjusted, and yes they were military or not needed, or not even in the pocket of the 750-minute billion budget. This was publicly announced general designer of the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Yuri Solomonov else first of July. According to him, the funding for the production of long-range missiles in the Strategic Missile Forces is missing volumes and the industry at the physical level can not release the number of missiles, which orders the Ministry of Defense. General designer just said, "State Order 2011 has derailed — it will fail."

And almost immediately it became clear that funds for the creation of military equipment and weapons and loses the United Aircraft Company, and United Shipbuilding Company, and even being in favor holding company "Helicopters of Russia". In practice, on all fronts — a complete failure.

The minister of defense, of course, blamed the industry. It is, they say, learning about the billion allocated for defense contracts, was recklessly cheat price. Prices leapt skyward really very noticeable. But who's to povinet?

Track pricing policy in the military-industrial complex could only military consulate in enterprises, research institutes and design bureaus. But civilian Anatoly Serdyukov held that military representatives Colonels sitting in a warm office, it's — very valuable for Defense pleasure. Military, civilian minister of views on the need, first, to jog without shortness of breath, catch up on the bar, but better — twist on it, "sun", well, still pumping iron in gyms. And keep under control any there TTZ compliance and performance characteristics, to determine tolerances and fit, but still think with all this? This — the excess. Everywhere officials have reduced the ranks of military representatives directly to the captain — that's for sure, not to gray-haired colonel, and the young and physically strong officers order in the "defense" was observed. And not to forget that they serve in the army, announced the forced rotation of this category of personnel. Now you control the creation of machine guns? Excellent! Tomorrow, with the same success assess the quality of assembly of complex computer, and the next day — bayonets and sapper shovels. It is even hard to call an anecdote. In practice, the Ministry of Defence has refused itself from a qualified quality control of the production of military products for the entire process chain of manufacturing of complex products and for pricing.

Mnogozvezdnye generals close to the minister talk about the love that is not only prices armament taken almost from the ceiling, and the quality of military products falls on the eyes. And here they are right.

The quality really drops. As it can not fall down if the main production assets of defense has not been updated for more than 20 years? Generally surprisingly, that in some places we still can make tanks and missiles.

In any production for its normal operation margin must not be less than 15 percent. This ensures the development of companies and the constant retooling. But for some reason the Ministry of Defence has decided that for the companies working in his interest margin can be 3 percent — enough with them.

In the adopted State program there arms to 2020 almost all products are fixed prices. And indeed they are taken from the ceiling, because if the value of the company for that will create high-tech products, the level of profitability will fall even lower than 3 percent. As they say themselves "defense industry", no one with them prices are not coordinated and did not even open a discussion.

It turns out that the BBC claim: sell-ka us this new plane for 10 million standard units of currency. And they say it — but its cost is equal to fifteen million, and we are ready to implement at least fifteen and a half. To them: See, what you're proud of, and we do not need your eroplan, abroad buy. And it will take, even in China — there are cheaper and, sadly, better than we currently produce military products.

Another and very severe problem of guaranteeing no disruption only GOZ-2011, and the LG-2020 — a complete mess at the head of the military department managers. It see
ms that now they are just not able to understand and clearly explain what military equipment is needed at the moment, and what will be needed in 10 years.

Not so long ago, and the Ministry of Defence has ordered an armored SUV with true discussed the level of protection. It did — it's "Tiger". And the same ministry, without batting an eye, said: why do "Tiger" protection level worse than that of the Italian "IVECO"? We do not need your armored car, with our beloved Italians buy. And got! And even the Russian naming "Lynx" cursed, and the troops are ready to deliver. That's only nedavneshnem arms show in Nizhny Tagil, the "Lynx-IVECO" at the dress rehearsal tried to pass the obstacles that was "Tiger", and got stuck on the first, so that hardly stretched.

At the demonstration in front of the Prime Minister attractive "Lynx" drove up to the car and the obstacle … swerved to the side, having gone round the obstacles on equal sand. And the war will be? Not a fighting machine, a "parquet Armorer." But like the minister.

A couple of years back with the fervor of the Defense Ministry generals were that is about to begin updating the tank park. To replace the obsolete T-72 will come the latest version of the T-90. Order as if prepared for thousands of such machines. In Nizhny Tagil has been shown not only modernized T-90, but in reality — a new tank, the title of which up to this time the creators themselves are confused: either T-90AM, or T-90ms. The essence is not that. The car came out really very successful — so the army and needs. Military happy? Certainly not! Himself the chief of staff said that the tank is very expensive and there's nothing new there — except for guns, turrets, control and navigation, motor, boxes and dynamic protection of the last generation, and even caterpillars. In other words, of all of which the tank consists of.

We will seriously fix the T-72 and return them to the system, it will cost us less, said CHODs. How is the budget of the GOZ-2011 at 750 billion rubles? To keep, or that all the same to buy a benign Russian technique? A reasonable answer is no.

Yet the ever-memorable first Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin, being responsible for the purchase of weapons, once said that does not make sense to buy any new infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers nor nor BMD, no tanks. Since they are all completely new, and old, made back in the Russian government. At the moment, he said, the designers hard at work on a common platform for the heavy and light armored vehicles, and for wheeled armored vehicles. Naturally, the common platform is already assigned to the fifth generation, and should be ready for mass production in 2015. Here is the technique that will be created on the basis of platforms fifth generation, today's management of the Ministry of Defense and plans to start purchasing from 2016 th in large quantities.

And who, curiously, gave promise of the military department, projected that the platform will turn the nicest, particularly those which are necessary and in modern combat, and even more so, in the wars of the future. Either there is a guarantee of unending peace on the planet? And the platform of the "fifth generation" will be needed only for parades? Quite visit museum of armored vehicles in Kubinka and behold, how many different platforms on a competitive basis was developed in the Soviet Union did not stupid designers, before leaving a nearly flawless standard. Went to this years, even decades.

And at this point given very general terms of reference to ensure that the industry has developed and presented to the customer something of which captures the spirit, and with all this — that it was inexpensive. No need to be a prophet, seer, so with a little bit of a big probability to say nothing of this scheme will not work.

That's just ask something in 2015-2016 and, even more so, in the year 2020 will be no one to answer.
The current management of the Ministry of Defence is likely to while away the retirement age will be somewhere in the Canary Islands, and those who will come to replace them, said: "I am — not me, not my mare." And there are quite right.
There is a British saying, not a bad start — half the battle. Start of the excellent designs on the state program of armaments LG-2020, specifically GOZ-2011, is not a good name. There is also a national sign if, going into a long and difficult path, stumble on the first step — it's not good. The Ministry of Defence is the case with the first step — GOZ-2011 — do not just stumble, and fell to the eyes of the entire Russian people.

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