African Bank has introduced a biometric technology


13.12.12.African Bank (South Africa) has announced a large-scale implementation of biometric technologies. Customer identification retail bank is the fingerprint.

The problem of secure identification of clients of credit institutions is extremely urgent for South Africa (formerly information portal reports that the number of biometric ATMs in South Africa will increase). Used to this end, a driver's license, birth certificates and similar documents easily forged, and at the end of last year, the authorities announced the banks to provide the online address to the National Identity Ministry of Interior (Home Affairs National Identification System — HANIS).

The system contains information about the fingerprints of all citizens of South Africa at the age of 16 years, as well as refugees and foreign residents on South African territory, the bank offers the customer to scan fingerprints and transmits this information along with your name and the name of the client in the Interior Ministry. There the data are checked against a database HANIS, after which the bank receives a response to his inquiry about whether the correct data presented on a client.

In practice, implement the described technology, African Bank has purchased a half thousand fingerprint scanners and installed them in their offices. Daily biometrics are about a thousand customers, and the bank expects that number to increase in the near future. African Bank plans to buy another batch of fingerprint readers, bringing the total number of hardware biometric identification is used by the credit institution, double.

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