All power fleet

All power fleet 

Naikrupneyshim lasts over the past decade teaching Navy Russia. The main objective of the maneuvers — check the readiness of military control bodies and mezhflotskoy grouping of forces to carry out tasks for other purposes in the far sea zone

In the process of teaching, which will last until January 29, 2013, Russian sailors in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean make different combat exercises, including missile and artillery firing. Among the participants maneuvers Guards missile cruiser «Moskva», large anti-submarine ship «Severomorsk» patrol ships «Sharp-witted», «Yaroslav the Wise», huge amphibious assault ship «Saratov», «Azov», «Kaliningrad», «Alexander Shabalin» special ships and support vessels, aircraft and also distant 4th Air Force Command and Air Defense.

As noted on a conference call with the leadership of the Armed Forces, chaired by the Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Valery Gerasimov, the doctrine together with surface ships and support vessels are participating and submarines. Also involved 25 aircraft and helicopter fleet aviation, aviation Faraway, Southern Military Aviation Area.

«… The development of a massive, efficient Navy — one of the most important values ​​of. Will in turn develop underwater and surface groups, enhance the strength of general purpose and naval component of the strategic nuclear forces. In coming years, the fleet must fill more than 100 new surface ships and submarines of different classes. And this ambitious program from we certainly feasible. «
Russian President Vladimir Putin. January 10, 2013.

Doctrine mezhflotskoy groups conducted in accordance with the plan of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation in 2013. During maneuvers practiced questions of creation of the joint grouping Navy outside of, planning for its implementation and execution of joint actions on the same plan. Preparing for scientists to all fleets from December 2012 and anticipate areas reconnaissance exercises, perform preliminary command and staff training with elements of fire training, as counterterrorism and anti-piracy measures orientation.

As stated by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the presence of Russian fleet in the Mediterranean justified special moment. «We are not interested to destabilize the Mediterranean region even more, and the presence of our fleet there is an indisputable factor in stabilizing the situation … to the Army and Navy were in the right, a suitable condition, you need friction, and the teachings of our Army, Air Force Navy and became permanent, it’s nothing unusual, «- said Sergey Lavrov nedavneshney press conference at the end of 2012.

Headquarters management doctrine placed on board Guards missile cruiser «Moskva», equipped with modern control systems and of cosmic connection, allowing to ensure the effective management of teaching in real time of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. Cruiser did not once complex tasks away from their native shores. During the transition to the Pacific Fleet cruiser with heavy nuclear missile cruiser of the Northern Fleet, «Peter the Great» and the forces of the Pacific Fleet took part in strategic exercises «Vostok-2010», where he completed a major missile system firing on surface targets.

On the days of the cruiser «Moskva» and another Black Sea Fleet — TFR «Smetliviy» graduated program from a business call at a port of Limassol (Cyprus). They replenished supplies of water, fuel and food. On leaving the port of Limassol GRKR «Moscow» and TFR «Smetliviy» started working out teaching tasks mezhflotskoy groups.

In the first step exercises ships factions began deploying in the designated areas. Were conducted training on anti-sabotage defense raids on unprotected and Fri parking also worked with acts danger of attack saboteurs and terrorists. Shipboard gang operating in the Black Sea, perfected the issues of interaction with the aircraft Distant aviation communication with naval aviation illuminated surface situation, also puzzles to repel attack missile boats.

Huge assault ships «Kaliningrad» and «Alexander Shabalin,» took in Novorossiysk on board Marine Corps with the standard technique, in turn, successfully conducted an amphibious assault landing training to the wild land of the Black Sea coast. During the training successful actions have allowed crews BDK disrupt sample counter planting undertaken conventional enemy. After working scheduled combat training in the Black Sea the ships headed for the straits Bosphorus — Dardanelles. After the release of the Mediterranean BDK «Kaliningrad» and «Alexander Shabalin» join other participants of the exercise in the designated area.

Recently the teaching group of ships of the Baltic Fleet as part of a patrol ship «Yaroslav the Wise» and tanker «Lena» performed docked at the port of La Valetta (Malta Fr.). Then the transition to the area crews conducted training exercises on the transfer of supplies to go in light and dark. Patrol ship «Yaroslav the Wise» worked puzzles matches submarines.

In turn, the large anti-submarine ship «Severomorsk» visited the ports of Ceuta (Spain) and the Court (Greece), BOD and then proceeded to escort ships sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. During a routine visit to the Greek port of Russian sailors visited the training center for multinational maritime special operations, where they became acquainted with the programs of training foreign counterparts to combat pirates. Exchanged experiences with the Northern Fleet zabugornom military navigators and conducted joint training on action groups and Inspection release hijacked vessel.

Navigators BOD «Severomorsk» commemorated Russian partisans and Russian sailors buried at the central cemetery in Chania (Crete, Greece).

Currently, as part of the group mezhflotskoy Navy in the Mediterranean Sea crew «Severomorsk» participates in training for defense of high-speed small-sized boats, for the Inspection and rescue operations, the transfer of humanitarian goods. Severomorsk also have to work out puzzles air defense with the combined use of missile and artillery weapon systems within the united group.

As the representative of the Northern Fleet captain Vadim Serga, after teaching and pass the Suez Canal «Severomorsk» whose crew celebrated the 25th anniversary with a day or lifting the ship Navy flag, will go into the waters Reddish Sea and Gulf of Aden, where already in the second time the ship will assume security tasks civilian shipping. During distant campaign, which began on December 18 last year, seamen have already left astern about 6 thousand miles.

Navy doctrine this magnitude clearly demonstrates that our homeland — as before powerful maritime power. Development of a massive, efficient Navy — one of the most important values ​​of all the work to strengthen the Armed Forces of our country. And the pace of fleet renewal and development will only grow. As recently noted by President Vladimir Putin, in the framework of the state program of armaments to 2020 on the creation of modern equilibrium and submarine groups allocated more than 4 trillion rubles. Alternately develop underwater and surface groups, strengthened general purpose forces and naval strategic nuclear forces. In coming years, the fleet must fill more than 100 new surface ships and submarines of different classes.

Increased attention to the current time in the development of infrastructure-based system of naval forces is given, namely, updating and offshore boats, designed to ensure a non-hazardous location of surface ships and submarines in places where the Pacific, North, Baltic Fleets, also Tsemess Bay Novorossiysk. It is planned that by 2016 the Russian Navy to apprehend own composition about 80 offshore support vessels of different classes. This raid towing vessels for various purposes, inshore diving boats, rescue versatile modular platform and floating cranes. So Makarov, modern system of naval bases will include self-sufficient and modern boats, allows in all weather criteria provide unthreatening parked ships and submarines.

The High Command of the Navy of the Russian Federation together with the United Shipbuilding Company started and the practical implementation of programs from the renewal of the supply vessels distant maritime zone. It is planned that by 2016 the Navy will receive its own structure 11 similar vessels capable of doing their assigned tasks to ensure action warships of the Navy in different latitudes.

Also planned to design an inclusive supply vessels, functional vessels (logistics, search and rescue, and navigational and hydrographic support), the latest generation of special, transport, search and rescue and survey vessels. About how important support vessels for the Russian Navy, the facts show, which said the official dealer of the Press Service of disk imaging and the Defense Ministry on logistics Alexander Kolpakov. According to him, «last year was made more than 40 visits to foreign ports where carried refueling ships and naval vessels, totaling to 30 thousand tons of combustible.

Navy remains one of the most reliable tools of foreign policy of our country, all the more intensely protecting the interests of Russian Federation, the world’s oceans.

Andrew Gavrylenko

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