An unexpected hail covered the central Malta

The fields in the Burmarrad covered with a white carpet of ice after sudden hail. Leaving behind a destroyed crop, broken glass, mangled cars and dead pigeons. Photo: Mary Attard

January 16, 2013. Locally, the landscape of Malta (GoogleMap) Looked like something out of a Christmas card, after how hail covered roads and fields.

Excited children wearing boots, gloves and joyfully rushed into the street to play and be photographed against the backdrop of snow-covered landscape. Some schools have taken a break to give pupils enjoy an unusual moment.

But not everything was so bright and happy. A brief but strong shower with hail, which hit Malta, mashed cars, damaged solar water heaters, broken window panes and caused the collapse of the automobile traffic. Despite the surprise shower, many residents were caught by surprise, even though stormy weather was predicted Meteorological Service.

"The castle was strong, but we were expecting heavy rains on Sunday. Storm clouds create an opportunity for the town "- said the agency.

The worst affected central areas of Malta, especially around Mgarr, Naxxar, Mosta, Gharghur and Burmarrad.

Readers reported hailstones "the size of a golf ball" to damage the home of eyewitnesses, broken window panes and mirrors. The cars were badly dented. Also were reported killed by a hail of pigeons.

One witness told the disaster that he had to make six large buckets of water out of the house through a window, as hail, which was 30 cm in depth, blocking the door.

Another eyewitness said: "These hailstones turned my skylight in Swiss cheese."

Farmers found their tents damaged and harvested products vain.

"We have yet to explore fully our losses, but the potato crop has suffered extensive damage," — said agronomist Charles Zahra edition «The Times», — «Lettuce and strawberries unprotected, most likely, also destroyed. Culture of young cauliflower badly damaged, which will adversely affect the harvest in two months. "

"Tents at the farmer's market" Ta 'Qali "were ripped and broken. The hurricane destroyed everything, as the mower "- continues to Charles, -" We do not have a system in Malta crop insurance against damage weather elements. "

Department of Civil Defense helped restore movement between Burmarrad and Mgarr, shortness layer of hail covered the road. Also, experts PREP shoveled hail to the school of San Anton in Mselliet and helped drivers trapped in a sudden rush of rainwater in Rabat.

Translation: Alex Crete
Source: Times Of Malta

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