And degradation of mediocrity reigning around people enveloped the universal longing for Stalin

And degradation of mediocrity reigning around, the people embraced the universal longing for Stalin

Stronger than the dark clouds over the modern Russian "elite", melkotravchatost and squalor which has no parallel in our history, the harder it becomes the terror of Stalin. From the 1st mention of his name "elite" starts to shake, perspiration on his forehead, and it becomes confused. They calm down only when tricked out of himself a figure of more than 100 million people were executed by Stalin (obviously, personally). No wonder the Human Rights Council under the President insists, that the mention of the generalissimo of the Victory in any other context (off-topic shootings) prosecuted.

Looking at these creatures, the Russian people imbued with Stalin still great reverence. Despite the fact that people without a leader has long turned into a mass awaiting the final collapse of the state as a victim — execution. On the surface — idiotic TV series and consumerism, and a bit deeper — a vague understanding of the close of wrecks, faults and troubles. Writer Alexander Prohanov so estimates this paradox:

"Yearning for Stalin at the moment feels very many people, because people yearn from this mediocrity. From this great historic stops, and from this degradation, which leads us to the collapse of the territories in dying people, the disappearance of any mode of development. Normal man, he is a patriot or man in the street can not help but feel that's this universal longing, especially because of his back was a period of greatness. The answer to this yearning among ordinary people is: return to this majestic Stalinist era, again put the emphasis on stately centralism, screw nuts, concentrate all resources and move into the development. That's why nostalgia for Stalin.

But I have a feeling that the current fallen, listless, shoaled the Russian Federation does not have the resources that had Stalin. In-1's, it was an excellent human resources — time. Moreover, it was a passionate era in Russia. People these first cavalry armies that were worn as a centaur, Eurasia and fro, and cut down all the checkers to the right and to the left — that of drive out of the country. Moreover — if indeed come a small group of mystically possessed people who knew what to do. Right now we have nothing. Because the repetition of Stalin unrealistic. Stalin — the piece, a one-time, majestic magic moment in Russian history. RF for now there are no resources in the Russian Federation there is no concept about which we are states centralism, which comes to Putin — centralism is not development, it is not centralism gathering resources. This centralism oppression of all forms of protest. Both the left and the right range. Because the country needs now is not Stalin but need seer, sage, naturally, Marcus Aurelius, but faster Deng Xiao Ping, who would have been a dream state, national development, and which would be pleasant and applies to all yearned elites.

All of my grandparents were repressed. Some fled to the army of snow-white, others were killed here, my aunt, my grandmother were sitting in camps in exile — they were all patriots of Russia. None of them, and I even more so, there is no desire to reduce revenge. So, I repeat — Z spoke about it, or Daniel Andreev, sitting on a chain in Vladimir Central, or even Pasternak which wrote odes to Stalin — all of them, realizing what a nightmare, which is a logging camp, they were all part of the awesome huge acts. It's like legionnaires whom Stalin involved in this procession.

Essentially need to look at what the current challenges are thrown RF. RF cast eerie calls, it should very soon dissolve. In the Russian Federation remained high technology, dies population, Russia is coming to China majestic, superb, majestic Turkic steppe began to move and went to Russia, in RF lost state elite. In other words, our homeland as can respond to these challenges, and whether she had time to respond to these challenges? If you are in Russia and the leader of the elite, or favorite State what techniques he uses in order to in a historically short time to answer the call the collapse of the country, or a strong, consolidated, filled the latest technology China will go through the Amur and rush to the Siberian places.

Time salaried managers, which we are experiencing at the moment — there is a feeling that it ends. Since a huge controversy came into the world. The world is filled bunch of these contradictions, and these contradictions can not be resolved humanely, soft, velvety. These contradictions have to hack. And I think we are witnessing how vorachivaetsya favorite, a big favorite. For a big favorite followed by the leader of the father, the leader of a mystical, magical leader. "

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