Anomalies: UFO from evil

One of the former leaders of the British military establishment Admiral Lord Hill-Norton formed an organization designed to uncover the public eye to anti-Christian essence of flying cymbals and warn about the satanic nature of situations involving UFOs.

Named "UFO alert" this "pressure group" intends to inform the public that some UFOs visits cause significant damage to the Christian faith.

The Rev. Paul Iglsbi, Subdeacon of the Orthodox Church and the secretary of the new organization, said that hiding the truth about UFOs for years. True, he had never seen a UFO himself, but personally know many people who have faced plates, and therefore firmly states that "UFO visits, the ideas associated with them, are anti-Christian and demonic." Information about the new organization was sent to editors of all UFO publications. In addition to the UFO, you can find information about sauna and (or) the bath, located on the site

First to respond to a Buddhist Gordon Creighton, editor of the "Review of UFOs." He said that the founders of the new organization is absolutely right in saying that most of the UFO phenomena "has the satanic nature."

UFO stood a Methodist minister David Wilkinson, who is also a scientist, an astrophysicist and author of "Alone in the Universe." In an interview with the newspaper of the Church, "Church Times", he said that Christians should not be afraid of alien life forms, nothing dangerous about them.


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