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Recently, our sun is obscured by clouds of gray autumn, just a raging: and then the TV channels for transmitting messages about another, unprecedented in strength, the magnetic storm that is about to fall on our poor heads. Meanwhile, in the Kursk region has its own sources of magnetic storms and all sorts of anomalies. They were found with their counterparts Special Inspection Officer Regional Environmental Committee Andrey Morozov.

* — Andrey, what exactly did you find? *

— A few years ago we became interested in the peculiarities of magnetic fields. Then, in the Kursk region there was something strange: that some circles in the field below Tim appeared, the funnel near Fatezh unknown origin were found, the people in Medvenka UFO observed in the form of silver balls. We wondered: what would it be?

* — Why is the "what" and not "who"? Common version of the alien you are immediately rejected? *

— Well, nobody would see any little green men, so that all of this nonsense. But ten years ago, an American physicist Andersen club organized a study of anomalous phenomena. He was able to create a map of such phenomena, but he could not explain it.

* — What is this card? *

— Andersen mapped point of the world, where there were any strange phenomenon or accident aircraft, ships and so on. It turned out that they are grouped in specific regions which represent bit ellipses. 20 in total — half of the Northern Hemisphere at certain latitudes, and the same in the South. We are interested in the system of Andersen, and we do have to look for such phenomena, which could be accurately fix. Find data on earthquakes and constructed a mathematical model. With it, we have created a network of so-called extreme points. They occur changes in magnetic fields.

* — From which all the trouble? *

— Not always. At the points of the magnetic anomalies are the sources of healing water. The fact that when the magnetic field changes in the structure of groundwater, they acquire healing properties.

* — And the change of the magnetic field effect on people? *

— Frankly, not very good. In healthy people may feel discomfort, headache. But most of all to respond, those who suffer from chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular system. And deteriorating health in people with lung disease, intestinal, diseases of the joints. The period of painful response to a magnetic storm is different for everyone, but the pain usually increases through the day, sometimes a week. In general, the mechanism of this effect is unknown. Imagine, we do use the achievements of electronics, which is based on electromagnetic effects, but the impact of microscopic fields on the human body has not yet been studied.

* — And no one tried? *

— At the beginning of the last century there have been attempts. Then it was still possible to study, it is now impossible.

* — Why? *

— Too much intervention techniques and other achievements of civilization in human life. After all, we share only the electrical wires everywhere — on the streets and in the offices and apartments. And how many other man-made influences!

* — But for some reason we do not feel them, and storms on the sun. *

— No, mainly on human influence than global magnetic storms that occur due to increased solar activity, and the local, which occur in a particular area. They are the most dangerous.

* — In Kursk, they also happen? *

— Kursk at all difficult to learn as much close by are two magnetic anomalies — Gubkin and Zheleznogorsk. In addition, the city itself has a mass of magnetic areas. So we're constantly living in an elevated magnetic field. How it affects us, it is not clear, but what influences — that's for sure.

* — Why are you so sure? *

— Those who move from Kursk to another city, say, Moscow or St. Petersburg, feel better there. And those who come to us from another region, on the contrary, feel worse. In general, one could speak of a system of regional disease: for each region is characterized by some specific disease. They are more common in one area than in another.

* — What diseases are characteristic of Kursk? *

— Perhaps, the endocrine system and joints. But it also relates to the still unexplored.

* — This is the effect of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly? *

— Not only that. We found in Kursk region two extreme points of the bioenergy network. One is in Timsky area, the other — in Medvensky. Another, the most powerful of the nearby points within the territory of the Voronezh region in Khopyor reserve.

* — And how our Kursk extreme point? *

— They do not often activated, the local magnetic storms are rare in them. More often we feeling the effects of local storms neighbors in Voronezh and Orel.

* — At the extreme points of such a strong impact? *

— Yes yourself "points" are areas of up to 150 km, so their influence extends to the respectable distance.

* — After all, what happens during the activity of our anomalous zones? *

— One of the indicators of their activity and are here those mysterious circles and funnel. In addition, the areas most raging storms, squalls, there are fireballs.

* — You can predict the occurrence of the Kursk magnetic storms? *

— We tried, something worked. But in general, this requires a large database, and get it now without money is impossible. Yes we are — powerful special structures that monitor solar activity can not predict the occurrence of magnetic storms.

* — Then what the forecast is unfavorable days of the month? *

— It's quackery. Weather possible for up to three days. Only after the sun fixed flash can calculate when the particle will reach the earth and thus when it will magnetic storm. The time interval in this case is from twelve hours to three days.

* — Are there any ways to protect from the effects of magnetic storms? *

— No. At this time, human energy field is going through a shake, and no way to protect themselves. Suffers even appliances. Space agencies are trying to protect satellites, but still suffer losses. And the astronauts on the magnetic storm closed in the bay, surrounded by water, and there wait out the flow of protons. Americans were even going during a particularly powerful solar flares evacuate its astronauts, but not in time.

* — So, you can only take comfort in the fact that the astronauts during a magnetic storm is worse than us. *

— For them, it is more dangerous because of the powerful stream of particles emitted by the Sun. Have you noticed, perhaps, that in the eyes sometimes there is such a quick flash of blue color? This is the encounter with the solar particle. Only we have this rarely happens, and the astronauts — permanently.

* — But we have our own permanent abnormal areas that affect us badly. *

— Well, not all that bad. You know, the influence of the local magnetic storms on the person's life can be much more important problems of a medical nature. In the 60 years of one archaeologist mapped the location heyday of ancient cultures. They coincided with the active points of magnetic fields. Perhaps magnetic storms change in a person not only overall health. Maybe they increase his intelligence, the activity, the pursuit of development, it is charged with energy. Therefore, it is possible that the local magnetic storms in the extreme points — a necessary factor in the development of our civilization.


"Kursk truth", 28.11.2003, Kursk, n208-209, p.10
Author: Vladimir Yelagin
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