Anomalschina: in the footsteps of dwarf Kyshtymskoye




"Arguments and Facts", 01.01.2004, Moscow, n1, p.20

Author: Dmitry Pisarenko

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After the publication of "AIF" of the mysterious circles that occur on wheat and other fields, the editors began to address the readers. They offer a variety of hypotheses to explain the phenomenon circles. In the coming year we will return to this fascinating subject. But crop circles — not the only thing that explores the social and scientific association "Kosmopoisk." We continue to talk with him * coordinator Vadim Chernobrovaya. *

Genetic Material

* — What expedition in recent years particularly memorable? *

— The search Vitimsky body that fell in the forest near Irkutsk.

From 1999 to 2003, "Kosmopoisk" investigate underground explosions of unknown origin in the north of the Kursk region.

In the Kirov region on a tip from the old-timers we managed to find two "den of Bigfoot." After a series of consultations with specialists and rangers decided not to ruin the house: we hope that its owner sooner or later will have an effect, and we happen to him "get to know". All agree that the "den" is like no bear, nor yet whose however bestial home …

Finally, we conducted four expeditions to search for traces of Kyshtymskoye dwarf — really existed in the Chelyabinsk region being an increase of about 25 cm with a very unusual appearance.

* — You're talking about Alexis? But in this story, it seems, everything is clear. We do not just write about it. A mysterious humanoid found on the street and took care of the house an elderly woman who lives near the town of Kishtim. Then she was taken to a psychiatric hospital, but he died of starvation and mummified. After passing through several hands, the mummy was in Yekaterinburg in some of the new Russian. Gathering dust on a shelf, then divorced her hand. Owner Alexis anyone does not want to show — private property. The case was stalled. Do you have new information? *

— Our expedition to Kishtim not in vain. We analyzed the video of police inspection dead dwarf (I prefer to call it a dwarf, not a humanoid), interviewed dozens of witnesses, found traces of his stay, and most importantly — have found some genetic material.

* — Is the severed arm? *

— Unfortunately, our genetic material is more modest. It's a rag on which lay a dwarf in time of his death. At a time when it was crushed …

"The Shroud" humanoid

* — This is something new. Until now it was thought that Alexis died a natural death from starvation. *

— The fact of the matter is that the chemical analysis of the material contained on the rag, has led us to a different conclusion. Eyewitnesses said that the body of a dwarf, while he was alive, stood out selection. This wet sweat exuded a sweet smell, and Tamara Prosvirina (the name of a woman who has found the creature) periodically wiped his body. On the rag that arrived at our disposal, there are traces of these emissions. But there is also traces of substances in its composition similar to the blood and brain fluid. On the rag, as if on the Shroud of Turin, preserved the outlines of the body, so you can determine where Alexis was head, hands, etc. The question is, where it took a brain fluid and blood? Our version: it was crushed.

* — Who? After Tamara Prosvirina was taken to a psychiatric hospital, her home was closed on the lock, and already withered Alexis grabbed either a thief, or her friend, who seemed to fit into the window. *

— This is just the official version. And it arose because the perpetrators had to hide the traces of their "crimes." House keys were Prosvirina and her daughters in law. According to our information, the apartment in the absence of the mistress is not empty — it was turned into a drunken hangout. So far, there lived a hostess, she holila and cherished being considered him his adopted little boy. But then began to gather in the house of alcoholics. It is safe to assume that some of them unintentionally crushed or dwarf, or did it on purpose: it sounds Alexis published, requested food, and thus actually molested an alcoholic.

Search guilty now useless. And do not need it. We can say that a unique creature (like, really extraterrestrial origin) died because of the notorious Russian drunkenness.

"Plates" on the bottom

* — Why do you tend to think that Alexis was an alien? There is another version of the genetic deformities. *

— All experts agree that a person is a being had nothing in common. This is evident from the primary analysis of the genetic material, booked us in a Moscow institute. The samples were returned to us with a note like "anything close to a person not found." But it was a relatively cheap method of analysis, and the final result, he is unable to give.

We conducted the study area under Kyshtym, trying to find any trace or clue to understand: where did the mysterious creature? After all the witnesses can not be trusted in full: after the phenomenon began to write mainstream media, many wanted to dubious fame. People told us that they had seen at the same time five or six humanoid, but it is impossible to find out. However, there were indications that you trust.

So, we looked for footprints on the ground, under the ground and under water. We investigated Sudomakskaya Cave — local anomalous attraction. Inside this cave explorers allegedly found a small crustaceans unknown to science. The cave does not please us, and here in the lakes have found at least three strange object. Sounder showed that at a depth of 8 meters, covered with mud, are disk-shaped hollow structure. They looked through some items. IL on these "plates" is not caked. It can be assumed that the objects were there in the summer. The lakes become shallow, muddy bottom on top looked like a flat concrete floor. However, this impression is misleading: it is necessary to step on such a surface, it starts to suck.

* — History takes on a truly ominous and symbolic meaning. "Plates" sucked Russian bog wetlands. Humanoid ruined Russian alcoholics … *

— Nevertheless, we would like to understand this story to end. We need a thorough, costly analysis of the genetic material. We pull it not. Sam Alexis is still in private hands. If you ask why no one is interested in them and does not try to investigate this phenomenon, I will reply: "I'm amazed myself."
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