Another anti-Syrian rally foiled

July 15 in Damascus explosions were heard and shooting. Under the guise of a "peaceful demonstration" gang of terrorists trying to destabilize the situation in the southern suburbs on the outskirts of the Syrian capital.

After the first great gangster July nest was destroyed in a suburb of Damascus, the Duma, the surviving part of the terrorists was able to move to the area of Al-Tadamon (southern suburb of Damascus), also in the adjoining district, home to Palestinian refugees, who also unsuccessfully trying to engage in a conflict with legitimate authority.

Another anti-Syrian rally foiled

In the evening of July 15, while a bunch of hired youth burned tires, diverting the attention of the security, a group of perfectly cooked so-called militants "Free Syrian Army" started firing at the checkpoints of the government army.

Army in response to the beginning of the counter-terrorist operation. Local people helped the fighters. Also part of the Palestinians and has assisted the forces of legitimate authority, which, in fact, gave them shelter in Syria.

As a result, some 10 s militants were killed and more than two hundred were captured, some fled.

At this time, the aggressive Syrian TV channel "Al Arabiya" began a powerful stream of misinformation. The voice of that Tipo "airport is closed," "in the capital Syria More than 30 thousand opposition "," soon Damascus will be declared the capital of the revolution. "Once this was hacked website Syrian news agency" SANA ".

It turns out that this was a planned special operation against the legitimate authority Syria. But the efforts of the army and the local population, it has failed, as has already sank more than one plan against Syria, provocations and lies, murders and attacks on Syrian media, the world hysteria and fraud.
Unfortunately, the terror against the people Syria and its heroic army continues. So, earlier in the morning on July 15, was a terrorist act — the bus was blown up with police, several people were injured.

On Friday, July 13 accident ended anti-government protests in Aleppo — where the so-referred to as a "peaceful demonstration" turned up a few 10-s brutal thugs. They stopped cars, forcing drivers and passengers to join their "demonstration." The driver of one car refused to obey the requirements of committing excesses, while the driver and a passenger were killed, and the car burned. It is for this "democracy" and fights constructive opposition, and together with it the West, instigating these "Libertarian."

On the international arena also does not stop the struggle for Syria. On 14 July, following a parade in France, Hollande has not found anything the best, just like for Hillary Clinton to repeat the trite phrase, "Assad must go, we will put pressure on Russia." Referred to as, found a date when this state! On the anniversary of the French Revolution majestically! After all, after the France became a beacon for the world, and it is now positioning itself as a miser colonist which wants only the 1st: put one more nepokorlivuyu country to its knees. You can also recall a year earlier predecessor Hollande, Sarkozy's frenetic, passionate lusted head of Muammar Gaddafi.

There is a fierce rivalry and the UN. Our homeland has the goal to extend the UN observer for another 90 days. France, Britain, the U.S. and Germany offer a brutal draft resolution that includes an ultimatum that the Syrian army must leave the cities (and probably throw them bandits?). In another follow danger of sanctions. Our homeland such project does not endorse, and is joined by China. In response, the Western countries are threatening to block the goal of observers.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov referred to this position outright blackmail. In addition, he said that our home is not in favor of the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad, as he has the support of his own people.

And really — if the President did not get the support of the people — how could he have to stay longer than the other favorites that touched strshny project of Western intelligence agencies — "Arab Spring"?

And if people really supported the so called "revolutionaries" — they would not have needed the help of the West, and even more so in the Western military intervention in Syria. But they know that without the help of "stealth" and "Tomahawk" they can not win. Then what is this "revolution"?

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