Another businessman for space: Dream Chaser

Do not have time to drop to the hype surrounding the first flight of a commercial spacecraft to orbit Dragon, as new messages are received from this area. Now the news for the development of personal SpaceDev. It is a division of Sierra Nevada in the beginning days of tests gallakticheskogo own reusable spacecraft Dream Chaser («Running a dream").

Another "businessman" for space: Dream Chaser

On May 29, NASA test site near the airport Rocky Mountain Metropolitan (Broomfield, CO) was conducted the first test flight Dream Chaser. Full-size layout gallakticheskogo ship was flown by helicopter Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, then for hour flight testers inspected its aerodynamics in real criteria. Trial "removal" on the helicopter are organized in order to once again check out the features of aerodynamics gallakticheskogo ship and work management system in the criteria for the earth's atmosphere. Back in April, was completed purge layouts "Dream Cheysera" in the wind tunnel, but now it's time for the real tests of flying characteristics apparatus.

Dream Chaser The program was launched in 2004 with a view to the creation of a cheap and popular candidates shuttles available. In addition, to make the new gallaktichesky ship offers personal commercial structures. As the lead contractor on the results of the comparison of preparatory projects was selected SpaceDev. According to the terms of reference, the ship Dream Chaser should go into orbit by the rocket Atlas V, interfaced with all existing and promising gallakticheskimi devices and down to earth in the same way as the Space Shuttle. Thanks to the smallest size and the lack of need for special equipment for launching (Atlas V rocket is very unified family of rockets from past "Atlas") price of shipping cargo into orbit, and people will be in a couple of times less than that of the available technology, including the space shuttle.

Another "businessman" for space: Dream Chaser

Initially, as a base for the project Dream Chaser considered experimental apparatus X-34. But just a year after the start of a basic design has been changed. Company SpaceDev handed documentation programmke HL-20. This project is the beginning of the 90s pursued exactly the same purpose as the Dream Chaser, but after a couple of years it was closed due to a variety of technical and technological problems. SpaceDev engineers have taken into account all the shortcomings of the previous version of reusable gallakticheskogo ship and were able to bring their own "Running of the dream" from the stage of design work. Noteworthy that HL-20, and the subsequent Dream Chaser outside to some extent resemble the Russian BOR product family, which were created in the course of the "Spiral". Need to see, it is not a manifestation of plagiarism or "licking" foreign developments. And the forests, and Hl-20, intended for use in similar criteria that affected the substantial similarity outer contours.

In developing the SpaceDev Dream Chaser designers faced with 2 severe puzzles. In 1-x, the small size of the ship gallakticheskogo achieved comparable massive compact motor. In-2, the same weight and size restrictions have caused some difficulties in the development of a strong, heat-resistant and lightweight body made of composite materials. In October 2010 it was announced the successful resolution of both issues. So, as the powerplant for the Dream Chaser was elected the new hybrid rocket engine developed and tested in the middle of the same year. In addition, successfully managed to solve the problem with the case: it was used a combination of metal structures.

Another "businessman" for space: Dream Chaser

Since the beginning of 2011 employees SpaceDev with NASA preparing for the production of prototypes of the new ship models and tests in wind tunnels. All this is further allowed to make a better structure, namely, the results failed to drop purging thermal load on certain body portions. In April 2012 it was announced the completion of all preliminary tests on mock-ups and early preparation for the next stage of the project. May the midst of a full-size mock-up Dream Chaser was taken to a NASA test center in Colorado. This layout is in some measure an experienced prototype: for inspection management system during flight in the atmosphere, its equipped with radio equipment and vsepolnotsennym control equipment. During the first flight of the testers familiar with aspects of the management of "Running the dream" and expressed their worldview. According to the available disk imaging, overall maneuverability went bad, but has yet to make a better number of points that a failed course of events can lead to, including, and nasty consequences.

The first flight of the ship gallaktichesky Dream Chaser currently scheduled for 2015. Will be used to launch rocket Atlas V, the development of which at the current time is coming to an end. In the first orbital flights — they will be in automatic mode — new ship will transport loads (the maximum desired load is not called, is known only to the amount of cargo space of 16 cubic meters). In the forthcoming, with the successful course of the project, to board the shuttle unit will rise up men: the currently planned to install 7 seats for the crew. According to the representatives of the developer, the configuration of cargo cabin Dream Chaser in the future will allow to change the number of transported people and goods depending on the need. With all of this at the time of manned space flight on board must always be two people — in fact the crew.

Another "businessman" for space: Dream Chaser

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