Another revival of interest in the IL-114

Over the last couple of weeks in a wave of Russian media reports on the prospects have seemed Tipo passenger aircraft Il-114. It all started with the announcement of 14 September 2012 the head designer of "Aviation Complex named after SV, Ilyushin," Sergei Gromov, who said the agency "Interfax-AVN" that CB "is sure to be processed" in the figure of "documentation Sludge-114, and we have such experience. "

With all of this, he noted that "the Tashkent Aircraft Factory has a complete set of design documentation and tooling, and continues to accompany the operation of aircraft Sludge-114-100. " In the end, the most exciting was the fact that, in his words, "considered various special purpose aircraft IL-114 for different departments," was also mentioned possible to transfer the production of IL-114 from Tashkent (a proposal to place in Russia the production of modified IL-114-100). And as the base variant adopted modification IL-114-100 engines with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127H.

Another revival of interest in the IL-114

Unfinished IL-114 in the shop GAO "Tashkent Production Association named after VP Chkalov". Middle unfinished Sludge-114 has a serial number 03-07.

Building on this theme, Sergey Gromov also told "Interfax-AVN" that the total demand for aircraft Il-114 in different versions up to 2030 could be between 300 and 500 aircraft for various purposes, including aircraft specifically designed for the Department of Defense and other agencies of, and for overseas customers. Referring to the Interdepartmental Analytical Center, Gromov appreciated the need of various departments of the Russian Federation in the special purpose aircraft up to 2030 number of more than 100 units.

As a partial proof of his own words, he cited the following numbers: the present day there are preliminary entries from 13 Russian airlines for 48 aircraft in passenger versions of IL-114-100 and Il-114 transport-100T and a memorandum on the delivery of 25 aircraft Il-114-100 Indian Airline Indus Airways.

Of the most promising directions of work on the Il-114, he mentioned a modification of the aircraft over-passenger capacity increased length of the fuselage, the availability of preliminary design basic patrol aircraft based on the Il-114.

It seems that these statements must be seen as an attempt to "push" the Il-114 first for the Department of Defense RF — perhaps as a palliative military transport aircraft Il-112B, which in turn was partly diversion of passenger IL-114. It is interesting that the need of the Ministry of Defence in a light transport aircraft specifically evaluated in 100 copies, with all this Il-112B, as you know, Ministry Defense did not accept. To a large extent because of insufficient capacity and nedovedennosti engines TV7-117ST. In this regard, the decision to create in Russia a modification of the IL-114 with engines PW127H can formally close the issue with a specific power of light transport aircraft.

In the end, nedavneshnie statement by the Ministry of Defence RF plans to announce a tender for a new maritime patrol base plane until the end of 2012 and could force "ILYUSHIN" to offer its own version of the basic patrol aircraft.

In general, the feasibility of these plans is questionable. Although the precedent for the transfer of the production of IL-76 TAPOiCH in Russia has, of course, that a similar project Il-114 is much the least chance. In 1-x for its release virtually no assembly area (except of Voronezh "VASO"), in-2, there is no launch customer with a guaranteed booking, and, eventually, the ability to purchase Il-114 Russian civilians airlines also low.

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