Anthrax found in the Kuban. Video


22.02.12.Ochag dangerous disease was recorded in the village of Kazan Caucasus region. In one private holdings dead goat. The hosts sent the carcass for examination. In Kropotkin edge veterinary laboratory diagnosed with anthrax. This was confirmed by the director of Black agency Oleg.

Anthrax — dangerous viral infection of farm and wild animals of all kinds. Can become infected with anthrax and people. Last April, in the Kuban anthrax chickenpox employee Armavir hospital.

Source: Channel 9 Kuban

Regime declared emergency in the village of Kazan

22.02.12.Po decision of the head of settlement in the village Kazan Caucasus region introduced a state of emergency. Because of the anthrax animal died here. It happened on his household, but now stir in the whole area.
Although the disease is very dangerous, even for a man of panic among the population there. The health of people is constantly monitored by doctors. In the village is a mass vaccination of all pets.

Barn, where she was a sick goat went for demolition. According to veterinarians, this is a forced measure: too serious disease was revealed in the animal. Hostess goats Hope Furmanov says: that goat ill understood even on February 17. Usually cheerful animal began to behave sluggishly. The woman immediately called the doctor. But when they came to veterinarians, the goat has died.

A few days later came the test results from the lab: goat infected with anthrax. This disease is dangerous not only for domestic and wild animals of all kinds, but also for humans. According to preliminary information, the contact with a sick animal six — the mistress, neighbors, and veterinarians. For their health occur physicians.

In the house of Hope Furmanova disinfection. Burning equipment, which can be a carrier of the disease and treated soil. According to veterinarians, anthrax can be in the ground for many years. Veterinary experts are trying to figure out the cause. According to the owner, a goat in the past year has been vaccinated against anthrax.

In the village is organized podvorovoy detour to exclude other cases of detection of a dangerous disease. All animals are vaccinated polls. Veterinarians work in the village for several days.

Source: Channel 9 Kuban

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