Antiship missile «Yakhont» Russian production

Antiship missile
Newspaper «Rinascita» through a correspondent, former first Western journalist infiltrated into Syria in October, when everywhere heard allegations of repression, not once covered the action taking place there. Our correspondent as a direct witness for his reporting from the Golan Heights, from brash and Damascus managed to refute the interpretation of the events of the Arab Spring, allegedly directed against the Arab Baath Socialist Party (Baath). Other evidence coming these days are from Syria to prove the non-existent «state of tension» on its territory, which claim whitewashed house and Western media.

According to a report by Stefano Vernole, «in the capital there is no trace of any mass or group demonstrations. Police do not consume garrison. Regulate traffic only city police. The first one who could make available in reality, had to be delegates of the Arab League, who, smiling out of the President’s Palace without protection. «

Leave aside the phony news disseminated by news agencies Ansa and Adn-Kronos, which are complemented by echoing the lies of so-called «large print» Italy and proceed to the analysis of the first of many serious obstacles that would have appeared on the road loudly proclaimed emptive military attack on Syria outside. Such obstacle is the antiship missile «Yakhont».

NGOs engineering design and make this rocket for the Russian navy and the army. Before exporting it malehankih parties in Indonesia, Vietnam, Iran and Syria, permission was granted Kremlin because the missile is considered a strategic weapon. It was renamed P-800 «Onyx» (systematize NATO SS-N-26), engineering and NGOs to do everything to avoid it advertising.

Clarification of this normal. It is a tool with amazing technical features, ahead 10-12 years armament of this class, made in the USA and Europe. Against these missiles «great powers» do not have at this point defenses capable of neutralizing them on the way to the goal.

Hard to find this missile radars South American production of the latest generation, such as Aegis. When the missile is found, is not very much time before defeat «Yakhont» ship to organize defense even electrical means.

To prevent detection of missile satellites thermal emission engines has been reduced to a minimum. In addition, it can fly at a height of 5 meters above sea level under certain conditions.

As can be practically impossible to restore fire naval guns of 30 mm caliber, even with several trunks and frisky-fire against the incoming missile. Pentagon missile started to intercept «Yakhont» simulating flight similar properties, have been ineffective.

Gap in armaments between Russia and the US-NATO did not take place due to the technological advantages of Moscow to the West, but because of the lack of research plan and funding in this sector, which for years was considered due to the low level of the ship threatened by the «enemy» is not as a priority for the Pentagon and for the Alliance. Meanwhile, the Russian side has developed a military strategy that could bring weapons with the highest efficiency to impress feeble enemy space.

These projects were developed a few months after the explosion CSSI The best anti-ship missile, a policy adopted by the entire West, now does not exceed the speed of 864 kilometers per hour.

In general, the comparison between the U.S. «Harpoon» and «Yakhont» is not in favor of the first of all the technical features. Yakhont hits the target first.

Versatility RCC «Yakhont» it implies the possibility of starting with submerged torpedo boats diesel oil from surface ships and boats, aircraft and shore with launchers.

Namely, 24 Su-27, MiG-31, 8 and part of the MiG-29 aircraft, which are equipped Air Damascus, can be equipped with missiles just «Yakhont» as a result of small modifications.

This pulls the fact that radar screen allows nullify the danger of the enemy extend another few hundred kilometers are 300 km, which is achieved radius acts air rocket launchers.

Another consequence is that at least some of the enemy warship is in such a situation where he can undergo devastating air attack without the ability to provide for the defense.

Typing in the flight speed of 2.6 Ma (more than 3 thousand kilometers per hour), «Yakhont», reaching the final stretch of road (40 km), accelerates to 750 m per second, resulting in a devastating impact fracture strength.

In general, «Yakhont» can sink ships small and medium tonnage, such as corvettes, frigates and destroyers and cause severe damage to ships larger displacement. Charge of .45 at the muzzle velocity of 270-350 m seeking for a second, and no one has yet been able to trace his movements.

To understand what an unlimited amount of kinetic energy against the target-oriented, rather substitute in equation Ec =? m V2 3 tons of weight, consumption of 3-quarters of the fuel air-breathing engine, the weight of the warhead, which, according to various sources, ranging from 270 to 300 kg. Speaking about the essentials, let’s first of the bad news for NATO and Israel.

Syria has «Yakhont» Iran already possesses them for 6 years. In Tehran there are still 11 (eleven!) anti operational systems more and smallest radius acts capable to release the warhead, 3 invisible profile. Last cruise anti-ship missile — is «Qader». Pretty click on the Web on Iran Youtube and you can see the video of her.

The system consists of a 10-ka batteries and any battery of 4-6 mobile platforms. A mobile platform equipped with two or three anti-ship missiles. Why do we expound it will become clear from the following.

That’s what the blog reported «Palestina Felix» (of course, that without Zionists …) February 27: «Despite the constant pressure secured and powerful Jewish lobby, living in Russia (in reality, the more pressure is from Washington, ca . the creator of the article), the Kremlin spokesman confirmed a contract for the supply of missile systems to Syria Yakhont P 800. Last statement confirming this event, received on Saturday by Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, causing anxiety among the «Israeli» side. Indeed, the Jewish government of success after self sabotaging contract between Russia and Iran, where it could reach the cancellation of the contract, signed by President Putin to supply anti-aircraft system medium-range S 300 acts that still reached Tehran county ways, apparently lifted achieved fruits, but could not achieve the same in the case of Syria.

Everything you need to add the spoken project preparation phase difficult as, at least, according to the Iranian side, the missile defense system «Bavar 373» may be deemed to make up for the missing amount of S 300 P 1, Pm 1 and 2 to ensure complete air defense at a high altitude and distance from bolshennom country.

In addition, Iran has all the conditions for the creation of its own missile technology knowledge for the upcoming leap forward in this sector in order to cancel the dependence on the «friendly» countries.

During Medvedev’s presidency with his «no» for the supply of 300 S Tehran led by the nose, to which was added a painful construction management nuclear power capacity of 1 000 MW plant in Bushehr, which was completed after ASE 16 years, accompanied by political pressure from the U.S. and Israel to Russia .

Let’s see what else report «Palestina Felix». «At this time the historical ties between Moscow and Damascus, dating back to the times of the USSR, overpowered pressure oligarchs, corrupt Zionist state.» «Syria has received 5 mobile systems with 75 missiles.»

Print specializing in this dilemma, weird way to say about 76 «Yakhont». Reliable sources will report on 175 units arrived on the ships in the port of Tartus, so to complete the delivery of 225 units anticipated. On the remaining 50, which were to be delivered in accordance with the contract and is not delivered due to a temporary inability to delivery by NGOs engineering, anything is unclear.

If you bought a gun, then to him, usually attached and ammunition. The most expensive part — it goes a gun and ammunition in percentage terms are not enough or nothing.

In antiship missile system, the cost of one that does not require expensive control system, and the search radar sighting system, as in air and missile defense, in the main corresponds to the price on the platform as 1:7-10. As it follows quite naturally if given in addition replacement «Yakhont» in case of war, which involves overcharging launch systems.

Buy 225 pieces Syria surmised depletion own financial capabilities to acquire and bring «Yakhont». With high probability greenish street, this Kremlin, came as a result of pressure, Prime Minister Putin, insist on the implementation of the contract signed with President Assad in 2007. Medvedev sought his execution postponed. At the same time we can not exclude that the delivery of complex instrument Syria February 27, 2011 has become a prerequisite for further attack the U.S. — NATO Libya in anticipation of supply «Yakhont» because it was the obligation of the Russian Federation to implement the Libyan army weapon capable of substantially complicate external military anger. ;

Such anger Gaddafi feared for a long time before signing the agreement with Berlusconi in Rome on August 30, 2008.

We will not comment on the Cavalera, who tried to get out of the situation after the lynching of Libyan favorite and his family with the help of humiliating comments «sic transit gloria mundi» (Latin: Thus passes worldly glory) to protect their political, financial and legal interests. Why he came, now behold the all: complete surrender their positions, the person, was not equal to the situation, which befits the head of the country or caustic «Captain production» leaveth policy.

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