Apocalypse is scheduled for tomorrow




This time it is not, however, about Osama bin Laden and Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. Monstrous force is preparing a terrorist attack environment. Climate Revolution, which environmentalists say as much of the world, on the doorstep. Its consequences, as stated in the Pentagon document will be truly catastrophic. And this disaster is much closer than one might expect.

Here are just some of the report, which managed to get the British newspaper "The Observer". Climatic changes that will occur in the next 20 years will cost the lives of millions of people. They become victims of shaking the planet of war and natural disasters. The earth will begin the process of reducing its brutal population, bringing it up to "feasible" to feed features. Repeated the same thing happened on the planet 8000 200 years ago when the climate shocks brought a giant swing drought, crop damage, famine, epidemics and mass exodus of people from the affected areas.

Even as late as next year flood, which will be observed around the world as a result of sea level rise, will be a disaster for millions of people. By 2007, that is only three years later, the destructive power of storms destroy coastal barriers in the Netherlands, making the desert a significant part of the territory of this country. The Hague will be abandoned by the public.

By 2010, the United States and Europe will be three times larger than observed today, temperature peaks when the heat will be off scale at 35 degrees Celsius. Farming will suffer huge losses. Temperature changes on the planet will be so strong that today's temperate maritime climate, Britain will be by 2020, a cold and dry in Siberia. Severe droughts will cover the world's major grain producers, including the central and western regions of the United States, where strong winds will entail the loss of fertile land. Bangladesh becomes nearly uninhabitable because of heavy sea-level rise, which are saline inland water sources.

Millions of people have left the area, gone under water or burned by drought. Prosperous countries of Europe and the United States will turn into fortresses, forced to hold back the siege of refugees from disaster areas.

Preservation of stocks of food, water and energy will be an issue of a strategic nature for the vast number of countries that generate numerous military conflicts. The real battle will unfold over access to water sources. Nile, Danube and Amazon are the most at risk.

Internal conflicts and unrest will tear apart India, South Africa and Indonesia. The planet can begin a real anarchy as countries will use nuclear threats in an attempt to defend the dwindling supplies of food, water and energy resources. The proliferation of nuclear weapons is inevitable in this case. Japan, South Korea, and Germany develop its nuclear program. The same thing will do Iran, Egypt and North Korea. As for the threat of use of nuclear weapons, it may come from Israel, India, Pakistan and China. Nuclear conflict will begin in 2020 its deadly march across the planet.

All of the above — combined in a strategic document to enter into the world's experts. Order for examination came from Andrew Marshall, one of the most venerable and influential Pentagon military advisers. Colleagues called him the name of the hero of "Star Wars" Yoda for his outstanding ability to foresee the development of the situation. Marshall's contribution to the development of U.S. military doctrine over the past three decades is a very, very significant. Currently, 82-year-old advisor manages the Pentagon "brain trust" designed to assess the threat to national security.

Conclusions about the threat posed by climate change has been commissioned to make two experts — CIA consultant and former head of the Department of Planning in the Royal Dutch / Shell Peter Schwartz and Douglas Randall of the California Global Business Network. In their view, the threat to global stability from climate change dwarfs all the horrors, which is fraught with terrorism.

The U.S. administration, received a secret Pentagon document prepared by another four months ago, had him locked up under the carpet. According to experts, the Oval Office of skepticism due to the fact that Bush did not want to spoil relations with the good friends of his administration in the face of major oil and gas corporations that have traditionally shied away from the "green" movement like the devil from holy water.

How long can the Bush ignore the Pentagon's dire warnings? Chief Scientific Adviser to the World Bank's Bob Watson believes that short-lived, because the scenario presented in the report so dramatic that it can make a decisive impact on the upcoming presidential election. Angry with Bush's disregard for scientists promise to provide the Democratic candidate John Kerry, recognizing the seriousness of environmental problems, the most killer provisions of the Pentagon report.

However, before the election, if then, when the apocalypse is scheduled for tomorrow. Can these dire prophecies in some way to prevent this? One of the authors of the Pentagon document, Doug Randall, in an interview with "The Observer" admitted that prevent a catastrophe, may already be too late: "We do not know exactly where we are in the process. This can begin as early as tomorrow, but we will not to know more precisely in the next five years. This threat is unique in nature, as there is no enemy on which to focus the weapons and we are not able to control the situation. "
Olga Dmitrieva.

Russian Newspaper

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