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All last year, there were reports of the birth of cloned babies. The company "Clonaid", associated with the sect raelitov who believe that humans are descended from aliens who duplicated itself with the help of genetic engineering, said in late 2002 that the first cloned baby girl was born, called (of course!) Eve. Now she allegedly year. In total, according to the statement "Clonaid", soon to celebrate the first anniversary of four more cloned babies, who, like Eve, are developing normally. Instead of credible evidence of this was provided only a fuzzy picture the baby in the incubator.

British biologist Harry Griffin, who participated in a project to clone Dolly the sheep, does not believe in the cloned child and believes that "Clonaid" just wanted to draw the attention of the press.

Italian doctor Severino Antinori also announced the birth of a cloned baby that was much discussion in the media. Child again, none of the independent experts have not seen.

In January of this year, already an American doctor Panos Zavos transplanted a 35-year-old infertile woman cloned embryo derived from the DNA of her husband. The operation, according to Zavos, was not made in the USA and not in Europe, where such things are forbidden. However, the woman is not pregnant. UK Health Minister John Reid called the attempts of human cloning completely misuse of genetic medicine.

A week ago, there were two applications of cloning. One of these newly made American company "Clonaid." Its president Brigitte Boisselle argues that the sixth cloned baby was born by the company in one of the clinics in Sydney on February 5. Now the child has been discharged and is under the supervision of a local physician. Cloning in Australia is also prohibited by law. So infertile couples had to go abroad, where he had an operation to conceive of cells taken from his father, followed by implantation of the embryo laboratory grown in the womb of the mother. Then the parents, whose names are not called, returned to his homeland, as not subject to the restrictive measures. And this time, no evidence of a cloned baby has been provided. Brigitte Boisselle limited only to the news that the baby feels good and has excellent response. For more information, she promised to give in April along with the analysis and conclusions of an independent U.S. laboratory. In the meantime, cheered the announcement that by the end of the month in different countries will be 7 more cloned babies. Australian Health Minister Anthony Abbott, like most scientists are very skeptical about the news of "Clonaid." He called the emergence of the next baby clone "medical analogue of fantastic stories about unidentified flying objects," described the conduct of any experiments on the "duplication" of a person as dangerous, illegal and immoral.

The second statement refers to South Korea, where, as reported in the electronic edition of the journal "Science", created a cloned human embryo develops that when transplanting a woman could potentially develop into a baby. In contrast to the unsubstantiated allegations leaders "Clonaid" is confirmed scientifically. The Faculty of Medicine at Seoul University scientists led by Professor Shin Yong Moon received from 16 women who agreed to participate in the experiment, 242 eggs. From these eggs were removed and replaced with the nucleus of somatic components of normal cells from the same people. The result obtained cloned embryos. Of these, 30 were stable growth. In the process of division, they were the first time in the history of science brought to a level where cloned embryos consisted of more than a hundred cells.

Thereafter, the experiments were terminated since Korea artificial cultivation of human smoking. However, the law allows to a certain extent do such experiments in scientific and medical purposes. The group of Professor Shin Yong Moon, in particular, benefited from the cloned embryo stem cells. Under certain conditions, according to experts, of which you can grow all human tissues and organs for transplantation that will not cause a rejection reaction. So far, such experiments have never failed.

Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Health of RAMS Yuri Lopoukhine told NG: cloning method that applied scientists from South Korea, is prohibited by all governments of the world. This method was developed by Scottish scientists I.Vilmutom was created Dolly the sheep. Prior to this it was about 300 experiments. Most of them were produced dead or mutilated animals. On this basis, and taking into account religious considerations, in most countries, it was decided to stop such experiments. Violations of this law in Japan, for example, provide 20 years of imprisonment. And it is forbidden in Russia. For infants, the announced "Clonaid" or Antinori, they are in fact no one has seen. This may be an advertisement, a desire to draw attention to their name. Cloning of a substance by nuclear transfer of somatic (non-reproductive) cells in the female egg cell without a nucleus, and in this way the cultivation of new animal is prohibited. Talk about the usefulness of such an embryo, which was received in South Korea, it is impossible. He is exposed to too much stress.

It's hard not to recall the Transfiguration professor of "Heart of a Dog", which eventually came to the conclusion: "Why fabricate Spinoza, when any woman can give birth at any time."

Babies, created artificially, no one saw
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