«Armour-S1» on the Kamchatka Peninsula

The peninsula thrown air defense missile-gun complexes

Kamchatka delivered the first air defense missile-gun system (ZRPK) «Armour-C1 ‘development and production of Instrument Design Bureau, part of the holding» NPO «Precision complexes.»

«Within 40 minutes of payment 3 people unloaded the complex plane and brought him to the stowed condition. Then he moved to a place of temporary dislocation in the village volcano «- said the press service of the company.

At the headquarters of TSB noted that in the coming day aircraft military transport aviation will deliver to the airbase Elizovo two ZRPK. Then the battery commanded by Captain Oleg Konev marched a total length of 1,200 km on one of the training grounds of the Kamchatka region, where fighting perform aerial gunnery.

ZRPK «Armour-C1» was developed by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau. Hitting the target range is from 200 meters to 20 kilometers from the borders heights of 5 meters to 15 km.

«Armour» is to protect civilians and military facilities (nuclear power plants, large companies, particularly complexes fundamental structures, etc.)

Complex is able to search, detection, identification, target designation, capture, tracking and firing several goals as a stationary position and in motion, manual and automatic modes.

The main objective of «high-precision systems» is to create an effective precision weapons on the basis of innovation and technological modernization of the holding companies. State Company «Russian Technologies» owns 100% of shares of JSC «Scientific and Production Association» Precision complexes. «

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