Around 10,000 Indonesians lost their homes due to flooding

April 9, 2013.  About ten thousand inhabitants Indonesian island of Siberut, included in archipelago Mentavey, lost their homes head over to the floods, said on Tuesday the national news agency Antara.

Began another six days ago and constantly reaching since torrential rains caused rivers to flood and inundation of settlements in four areas of the island, and also violated the provision of the archipelago, said the spokesman of the Office of Disaster Mentavey Siriparang Alice (Elisa Siriparang).

"So far we have enough stockpiles of medicines and medical personnel, but I fear that in the next three days will increase the number of patients from-the lack of drinking water, "- she added.

According to the head of the health service islands Warta Siritoiteta (Warta Siritoitet), on Siberut is an outbreak of colds and flu.

The archipelago Monday introduced a state of emergency for a period of ten days.

Source: RIA Novosti

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