As Russia began to develop a new fighter-interceptor

As Russia began to develop a new fighter-interceptor
In Russia, commissioned by the Air Force began development of a new fighter-interceptor to substitute obsolete MiG-31. As reported to RIA Novosti with reference to Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Viktor Bondarev, the new aircraft will be created by 2020 and by 2028 will change the existing fleet of obsolete MiG-31.

«Interfax» quotes Bondarev speech at the «round table» in the State Duma on «Resumption of the MiG-31: Reality and Prospects» a little differently. «My world — is launching a new aircraft of the same purpose, and before the end of the state armaments program — in 2020, we, I think we’ll make a plane for seven years», — quotes agency commander.

According Bondarev, resume creation of the MiG-31, which was interrupted in 1994, is unrealistic, since it will slow down the development of scientific thought and industry. At this point, the commander in chief said, armed with Russian listed 122 fighter-interceptor MiG-31, and there is a «supernumerary units», which can be upgraded and put into operation.

As stated Bondarev, maintenance and modernization of the MiG-31 will continue until 2030. It is planned to upgrade 44 fighter-interceptor. «MiG-31 — good aircraft. Until 2028-2030 years we will exploit it to the full program there, and he will perform those tasks that it faces «- quoted Air Force Commander» Interfax «.

During the «round table» Bondarev also said that large-scale modernization of the MiG-31 to the current level of cost 50 billion rubles, and had spent the money better to create a new aircraft. Chairman of the Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Komoyedov, in turn, is confident that with good to the modernization of the MiG-31 will be another 10-15 years exceed the current domestic and foreign counterparts.

Development of the MiG-31 began in 1968, in 1975, the plane made its own first flight, and in 1981 — was accepted for service. Currently interceptors being upgraded to MiG-31BM.

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