Astrakhan continues to rock. Now and at night


7.12.12.Voennye with Ashuluk that Harabalinskom's apparently decided to change tactics: now explosions of ammunition, because of which almost the entire half-million regional center complains of tremors which are not in the afternoon (as before), and about 4:00 am, when a man's deep sleep.
At the very least, that such messages were coming from the 4th of December, residents of apartment buildings on the street. B.Alekseeva and Tatishchev.

Thus the military either by themselves or with the filing of the authorities are apparently hoping to reduce the number of dissatisfied occurring in earthquakes, late at night, most people are fast asleep and in the morning will not even know, that night they rocked the house again.

Astrakhan also will swing at least until December 12, when the alleged must stop the destruction of ammunition. Hopefully, in the future we can avoid a repeat of such unpleasant incidents of civilians due to the early introduction of the military training ground of our country bezdetonatsionnogo new method of demolition using the device P-40 "Destroyer."


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