Astrologer analyzed numbers of candidates on the ballot




Contrary to the disbelief of most politicians in the "magic numbers", people nevertheless provided each of the numbers a certain sense, accurately describing the situation. So says the writer and astrologer Viktor Firsov. In his opinion, is not accidental contenders for the presidency of the Russian Federation was just seven, and their names placed on the ballot in alphabetical order, get a room.

The first issue went to an independent candidate Sergei Glazyev. Unit — the "invention of mathematicians", it was necessary to start the account, according to Firsov. He is convinced that the "magic number" of her as zero does not exist. Unit, as the beginning of all beginnings, the number of changeable. It comprises a capacity and energy, but also the complete absence of both. So, she, like the universe, can always "shlopnut, flatten and disappear."

LDPR candidate Oleg Malyshkin is number two, and the campaign is alone with Zhirinovsky. The number "two" in the magical sense is equal to one and zero, and represents only the broken unity, according to the astrologer. Deuce — a "double" and deceptive: this is when "seeing double" and "second-hand". Not in vain for signs do anything together — not for good, and what comes of it — "Grandma said in two."

"Three" — the first number, which gives you a "magic score", won the Speaker of the Federation Council and the leader of the Russian Party of Life Sergei Mironov. Troika — the most activity from the numeric elements: the number of pulses and change. However, the notes Firsov, man "in a situation of three" only "involved in the changes by force of circumstance, which is immeasurably above him," even if he chooses one of the three roads.

The fourth line in the newsletter belongs to Vladimir Putin. If the triple reminiscent of the power of the laws of life, the Quartet — the very letter of the law. It is a sign of solidity and permanence and security. The square and the cross has long been considered a symbol of equality and simplicity, order and justice, unity, stability and integrity.

But the self-promoter Ivan Rybkin out of luck. Five — is the number of movement and freedom, and this is his main "mystical role." But at the same time it is — adventurism and challenge the spontaneity and the revaluation of its features. In short, the five — this is when "from the fifth to the tenth," "fifth wheel", as well as conflict, secret enemies and the "fifth column", says numerologist.

The sixth edition of Irina Khakamada symbolize its practicality, realism and hard work. Six guarantees success in work and in the service, but promises to defeat in the conflict because "the situation six" does not allow the independence forces obey the older and stronger.

The most "confused" by — "seven" — got a candidate of the Communist Party, Nikolai Kharitonov Agrarians. Seven gives people abilities that have no place to use, which determines the inconsistency of the seven acts. Seven — it's a position where there are a lot of heroes, facts and factors, and take into account all of them is not easy. ITAR-TASS.


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