At -25 lilac buds released in Chepetsk


This anomaly is the risk that the bush does not bloom in spring

14.12.12.Zhitelnitsa Kirov-Chepetsk Kirov region noticed unusual. In the courtyard of a small lilac bush in the week there were buds and green leaves.

I walked by and happened to notice the green buds on the lilac. I'm sure it's very unusual for December, with its zero temperatures — explained Lyudmila Terentiev. — I think the reason for this behavior was the adjacent boiler plants, of which there is a vapor.

As we explained in the Environmental Fund of Kirov, a reaction to thaw occurs among plants, but rarely. In any case, for the lilac bush it can be fatal, it affects his bloom in the warmer months. When the cold hit, the plant can suffer. However, in contrast to the trees, the buds on the bushes, which include lilac, after such disasters are almost always grow back.

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