At a poultry farm in China several thousand dead poultry


In the Chinese village of the virus has killed more than two thousand poultry. Photo: Getty Images

4.01.12.Dve weeks ago in a village in southern China began mass death of chickens.

In order to prevent the authorities ordered to destroy more than 20,000 birds. All this happened in the background of several cases of avian influenza (H5N1), recorded in the region.

As reported by TV, Guangdong Province, one of the poultry farms in the country from December 23 Sintan began mor chickens. They died in groups of 100-200 pieces at a time. December 28 the number of dead birds exceeded two thousand. December 30 in the village of anti-epidemic control officers arrived Zengcheng city and in the prevention of killing all 27,500 chickens at a poultry farm this.

The Epoch Times correspondent to contact the anti-epidemic service Sintan village surnamed Wang, and asked how the chickens were eliminated?

Wang said, "We do not know about, they do not allow us to be present at the same time, all the information about it is closed."

Duty in anti-epidemic control and management of agriculture Zengcheng city told that the heads are on the meeting and the situation they know nothing about.

At the same time, the agency "Xinhua" referring to the agricultural department of the city of Guangzhou has reported that the birds died of avian leukemia and infectious laryngotracheitis birds, and that the disease is not transmitted to humans.

This occurred against the background of the two cases of avian influenza (H5N1) in the region.

December 25 in hospital in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province turned 39-year-old bus driver named Chen. December 31 the patient died. He was discovered by a mutant strain of bird flu —, said Dec. 1 Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Shenzhen City.

To this government reacted immediately neighboring Hong Kong, announcing a 21-day ban on the import of poultry from Shenzhen.

Thus in the Hong Kong in December from bird flu died three chickens, and then as a preventive culled 17,000 poultry.

Ilya Ivanov

Source: The Epoch Times

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