At Oke died Chupacabra?




Nizhny Novgorod hunters found the snow skeleton of a mysterious substance

Skeleton found in the snowy forest near Nizhny Novgorod.

Eighth of March, three of Nizhny Novgorod hunters decided to make their wives a picnic on the banks of the Oka River. And right in the morning went to Vyksunskij area in the vicinity of the village Shimorskoe.

— In these places, we often hunt, and we have our own cabin — cabin — says Valery Povarnitsyn. — Let's go to collect wood for barbecue and suddenly saw a skeleton … At first thought, maybe it's an ostrich? But then noticed the fangs. And it was scary.

The head of the creature — an unusually elongated and stretched. Canines — a disproportionately large. The ridge is curved, like the dinosaurs, the blades are missing, strange growths on his back, as if the animal was a comb or a needle, like a porcupine. Tubular bones, like birds. The hind limbs almost unknown little animals with long torso, they are four (!) Joint. Forelimb is not at all!

— Suddenly, it's a mutant or something? — Says Hunter. — Not far from here — the city dump, it is rumored nights imported radioactive waste …

From the experts first saw the skeleton Arkady Nolev, associate professor of veterinary faculty of the Nizhny Novgorod Academy of Agriculture:

— I've never heard of animals that would not be the forelimbs. A curved spine? Of course, this may be the result of normal scoliosis, although this more typical for animals like camels.

Portrait of a chupacabra, compiled by the descriptions of South American eyewitnesses.

Local cryptozoologist Eremchuk Basil, a representative of the glorious community anomalschikov, scanning for unknown Animal Science, suggested that hunters stumbled upon the skeleton of Chupacabra.

— Know, — he said. — Similar creatures live in South and Central America.

But as the chupacabra got in central Russia, the scientist could not imagine.

In Moscow, we showed photos of the skeleton of a mysterious substance, the President of the Russian Society of cryptozoologists Vadim Makarov. He also doubted that the thermophilic Chupacabra could survive in our climate. But recalled that in the 60 years the forester of the Bryansk region told of his encounter with the strange beast that moved on its hind legs and showing his toothy mouth scary. True, he was a monster Bryansk growth under 4 meters.

— Nizhny Novgorod skeleton is much less — not more than one and a half meters — reflects Vadim Makarov. — Perhaps a cub.

Valery Povarnitsyn preserved skeleton for later, more thorough study by scientists.

The remains of the chupacabra, shot in the jungles of Nicaragua.


Southern monsters

The term "Chupacabra" among professionals anomalschikov appeared ten years ago. Translated from Spanish — "sucking goat." Since 1994 and to this day in Mexico, Chile, Nicaragua and the southern United States are finding corpses of domestic goats, cows and birds, of which completely sucked blood. All the animals in the area round the neck wound. There are cases where for one night so it was euthanized a herd of 70 cattle.

Over time, and the witnesses. According to the shepherds, to the animals and birds attacking a mysterious beast height of 1 — 1.2 meters, with large fangs and moving on its hind legs. Many say that his front legs are small, some see more and wings. We chupacabra dog body, bull head, small feet, soft coat, like a bat, long claws and comb crocodile.

About the chupacabra, there are several versions.

Somewhere in the jungles of Central America remained a small population of these creatures may mutants. Or bloodsucking monsters escaped from the secret laboratories of the National Aerospace Agency in the United States. At the very least, many farmers said that in areas where the mysterious predators attacking livestock, then noticed people, helicopters, and ground transportation with the logo of the organization.

According quite so exotic versions Chupacabras were brought to Earth aliens who are pets, like our cats. Or these predators in search of food to soak us from parallel worlds.

Of course, the existence of reliable chupacabra has not been proved. But cryptozoologists and other experts on anomalous phenomena, it has already become a household name in the same character, such as "Bigfoot".

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Photo by Valery MANEROVA. (Newspaper "The Provincial Chronicle"). March 12, 2004

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