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Exploration of the Navy against the "underwater humanoids"

_ * The media have repeatedly reported on meetings of military aircraft pilots mainly with UFOs — unidentified flying objects. Not just the pilots received orders to attack the command of an unknown object. And used to such attacks ended in tragedy for the attacker. In some cases, a meeting with the unknown and mysterious objects under water. In particular, they have tried to explore some of surface ships and submarines of the U.S. Navy, but all their attempts to get closer to the underwater UFO also ended in failure. Well, how to respond to such mysterious phenomena Russian sailors and airmen? * _

Round dance of the mother ship

In the mid 70-ies of XX century instruments of Soviet research vessel "Vladimir Vorobiev," then at the waters of the Arabian Sea, showed the presence of an unidentified object under the keel: heavy and hidden in the depths of no more than twenty meters. Given the persistent Arab-Israeli conflict, the captain and the crew at first assumed that underneath there is a small submarine. But just in case measured the depth of the sea in a place of its location — it was about two hundred meters.

Soon it became possible to observe the mysterious object visually — he had a form of bright white spots, rotate counter-clockwise. Then stain crumbled into several pieces and quickly disappeared. Characteristically, the observer reports the U.S. Navy also noted the disintegration of mysterious underwater and even surface objects at eight or six parts and their subsequent departure from the observations at very high speed.

In 1977, before the eyes of the captain and several crew members of the Soviet ship "Anton Makarenko" appeared amazing picture: a sea revolved enormous luminous wheel radius of about ten miles.

In 1990, the Soviet research expeditions in the Bering Strait, watching fly out of the water a few UFOs. If you've seen it all civilians, then would have never noticed the military, with their fine technique of tracking and early detection of the enemy? Or is it they have experienced a new technology and therefore preferred to keep it a closely guarded secret? The more so that the information about the mysterious and enigmatic incident carefully cleaned of media censorship is completely controlled by the party and state security bodies.

Only through the efforts of several independent experts have become aware of the many interesting facts meetings with Russian military UFO. It turns out that Russian and Soviet Navy repeatedly recorded and documented facts secured ups and dives mysterious objects in the waters of various seas and oceans. In particular, such cases were recorded artificial satellites that have worked for the air defense and belonged, of course, the Ministry of Defense. Since these satellites have repeatedly noted ups of UFOs in the Pamir region that housed the database tracking defense. Items marked objects there were in the form of flat disks and radiated silvery glow. Any comments constantly evaded military and still deny the obvious facts.

At the same time it is well known and described in the literature of the Soviet Navy in case of collision with a UFO in the Bay Quiet near Vladivostok. In December 1989, there suddenly appeared a strange object, shaped like a triangular "flying wing". However, this was not an unknown enemy aircraft — air defense station did not record anything. In addition, according to our intelligence, no country did not have the likes of aircraft combat supplies. From the command received orders to open fire on an unidentified flying object, and anti-aircraft artillery ships that were at that time in the bay, opened by a "triangle" heavy fire from all air defense systems. However, to cause damage to the UFO could not — "flying wing" dramatically changed the course and at high speed has gone from warships in the direction of Vladivostok. Podospevshaya to the scene naval aviation Pacific Fleet could not find anything.

Another case, also ended without any tragic consequences, marked the beginning of October 1977 in the Northern Fleet. Then on the floating base "Volga" suddenly appeared nine unidentified flying objects. They built the ship in a circle and began to "dance." Alarmed by this command ordered to call for help naval fighter aircraft. But the radio was broken, though all the equipment remained in order. While the UFO flew away, no radios were not working on the floating base. All lasted for about twenty minutes. Finally radio operators failed to communicate with pilots. In the sky there was a reconnaissance aircraft of the Soviet Navy. He circled the whole area of emergency, but found nothing — neither water nor air.

"Silver spies" blowing up the submarine?

Independent experts say that the Soviet nuclear submarine cruisers, as well as American, not just detected unidentified objects, taivshiesya in the depths of the oceans. Several attempts to attack such objects, but to no avail. They just went from the pursuit of impossible for a military ship speeds. Besides, judging from the many reports, underwater UFO inexplicably able to instantly split into several goals. Typically, they are always an even number of four, six, eight. Some experts put forward the theory that a stubborn silence about the death of some Soviet and Russian submarines connected just with underwater UFO. The very recognition of this fact can lead to far-reaching political, economic, international and other effects, the results of which are simply unpredictable. For example, the administration has acknowledged the attack UFO on his submarine, risking their very existence: Who needs a government, unable to protect their own citizens and the country!

According to some, a serious clash of representatives of the Soviet naval forces with "underwater humanoids" noted near the western coast of Lake Baikal during training exercises divers scouts in the summer of 1982. It should be noted that even before the Second World War began to form a special unit of combat swimmers, capable of carrying out sabotage and reconnaissance tasks of varying complexity. To serve in such special units selected only mentally stable, well-trained, perfectly healthy young people who are able to carry any load and operate in the most extreme situations.

One day after a dive divers scouts reported to the command to have seen at a depth of unknown underwater swimmers. As you know, the water in the lake is amazingly clear. This post has been of interest and command a special unit: the divers interviewed in detail. It turns out that many of them have met mysterious swimmers have repeatedly, but out of fear of being "misunderstood" is not reported to the authorities. According to them, the unknown divers did not have any tubes or bottles behind his back, wore tight-fitting silvery suits, something resembling fish scales, and large spherical helmet on his head. However, it was not possible to make out the face. But most importantly — our divers scouts in one voice said: unknown underwater swimmers — real giants, far above the average height of a man. Of particular interest and curiosity of Soviet specialists caused by the fact that the unknown "underwater humanoids" met our divers-scouts at depths of about fifty meters away and can move in the water column at an amazing rate.

Command made a decision: to try to capture the unknown, allegedly observed the teachings of our areas of underwater divers military reconnaissance. Created a special group capture of seven people led by an officer. Set the goal: to capture one of the unknown swimmers. During one dive team capture quickly found giants in silver suits, getting close to one of them and tried to throw a net over him. In response, a strong impetus to the assailants threw a terrible speed on the water surface. Naturally, there was a sharp pressure drop, which could not pass without leaving a trace: Three divers were killed and four left permanently disabled. A mysterious "Ihtiandra" in silvery suits just disappeared.

Was born the commander ordered the Army to follow extreme caution when diving in certain bodies of water, especially deep water. The most curious thing is that in order to provide a detailed list of water bodies, remarkably coincides exactly with the places where repeatedly noted the emergence of various "balls", "drive", and similar mysterious objects.

UFO problem and the "Underwater World" raised at the meetings of Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, Boris Yeltsin discussed in meetings with Bill Clinton. For obvious reasons topic is not made public and the actual negotiations took place behind closed doors. However leaked information that reached an agreement on mutual defense in the event of threat of invasion from outer space.

There is also evidence that these issues continue to be actively discussed and is now at the meetings between President Putin and Chinese leaders, with U.S. President Bush, the leaders of France, Germany and the UK. All politicians worried about having unclear danger that can lead the country to chaos.


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Author: Vasily Vladimirov

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