Australia ceased to be a disaster area

Australia ceased to be a disaster area Facts

In Australia, next week will be officially recognized the end of a decade of drought. Received confirmation that only dry weather, which lasted for many years and depleting Australian land and people caused by El Niño, leaving the continent. Two affected provinces who had received special financial assistance in the plight of the agricultural sector, the return to normal life.

A flock of sheep in search of food haunting withered desert pastures of New South Wales. 2010.

Australia, where there are virtually all climatic zones from tropical to alpine, has always been the extreme weather conditions and natural disasters. The fact that it is located at the junction of ocean waters and an isolated island, only contributes to the parish and raging all kinds of dangerous climate phenomena such as El Niño and La Niña. The first tries to "dry up" the continent, and the other constantly pours it rains and rains, accompanied by floods. It is these rather serious floods cost reduction and stabilized the situation in the center and east of the drying of Australia.

Authorities of the country this year to prepare the plan for the new dry season using the obtained over 10 years of experience.

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