Australia: Heat wave does not leave Melbourne

March 9, 2013. Administration of the Australian city Melbourne recommended that all participants and spectators planned for the weekend of the festival Muumba to be extremely careful, as the heat wave here will last a long time. The air temperature above +30 ° C will remain for the next ten days.

Earlier this week, is expected to rise to daily temperature is +33 ° C, it will trigger slowly moving atmospheric high pressure system. At night the thermometer drops below +20 ° C. Peak thermal Melbourne waves will almost melt at +36 … +37 ° C. If the heat wave will last as far as forecasters predict, the next monthly temperature record will be broken in a matter of days.

The townspeople are cautioned not to abuse alcohol and promptly replenish the water balance in the body time solemn processions and festivals. Particular care is necessary to show to people with health problems, senior citizens and children. Medical Service, Melbourne is prepared to increase demand for their services in connection with the potential increase in calls about heat stroke.

Forecasters reported that since last November is the fourth heat wave on the coast of the Tasman Sea. Across the south-east of Australia under these circumstances continental winds are blowing hot and deep in the continent strengthens its position drought, to destroy the beginnings of the monsoon rains. Adelaide heat wave may be even more severe than in Melbourne, and will last for 2-3 days longer.


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