Australia takes delivery of two helicopters CH-47D Chinook

Australia takes delivery of two helicopters CH-47D Chinook
Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith and Defence Minister, Jason Clare, announced that two additional helicopters CH-47D Chinook were transferred to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in Townsville.

Acquisition of 2-former U.S. Army helicopter was approved by the government in November 2011 after the loss of CH-47D Chinook during operations in Afghanistan in May 2011.

CH-47D Chinook takes on a wide range of tasks, including the deployment of troops, combat operations, search and rescue operations.

According to the minister, these two army helicopters will allow more fine control their own educational and operational support applets and at the same time will continue to support operations in Afghanistan.

Chinook helicopters have been deployed in Afghanistan since 2006. They spent an outstanding job for the ADF and ISAF forces and are in great demand throughout the terrain of Afghanistan due to its outstanding reliability in hot criteria.

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