Australia was toasted, and now sinking

January 26, 2013. The national weather bureau Australia reports a strong and very heavy rains that swept north and east of the country. A particular danger is ex-tropical cyclone "Oswald" cloud system which can be traced to the photo of the space in the south-eastern Queensland and north-east of New South Wales. "Oswald" brought heavy rain showers, thunderstorms, strong winds and storm surge watch the tide.

Cloud arrays cyclone stretch for 2,000 km, representing a potential threat to the flood dried up from the heat of the Australian land. Meteorologists predict a loss of 100 to 300 mm of rain over the weekend, which could lead to flooding.

Along the coast continues strong north-east wind and dangerous conditions for surfing. The height of the waves can reach 3.5-4.5 meters. Many of the beaches will be blurred. Element attracts and at the same time stop the surfers who are traditionally much on this coast Australia. Huge waves, like a splinter, threw stones at the boat near Townsville.

Meanwhile, another weather system brought down nearly a meter of precipitation over the city in the north of Gladstone Australia. On Saturday, residents of coastal areas to the north of Brisbane was asked to leave the home. Tornadoes in the small town of Bargara snapped power lines, some people sought medical help.

Source: News Gismeteo


North Queensland tries to resist flooding

January 25, 2013. After the recent invasion of the cyclone Oswald on the northern edge of the Australian state of Queensland in the number of settlements has created favorable conditions for flooding. Especially high the water rose in cities such as Ingham, Tully and Helifaks. Flood noted in some areas of Townsville.

Capricorn Region and the central area of Queensland also came under the influence of ex-cyclone and experiencing conditions similar to flooding. Very badly damaged freeway Bruce, is the main artery of Queensland. Livni is so blurred the road surface and to strengthen that in some sections of the motorway had to cut off. Smaller roads and equipped at all unusable and require serious repair after exposure to the cyclone. Local police urges drivers to stop using the roads in the center of the state as long as the road surface is not given in the proper form.

Closed due to flooding section of railway between Cairns and Townsville. In Bowen and Burnett Heads declared a storm warning. As cyclone Oswald has not completely left the northern coast of Australia, in the south-east Queensland expected in the coming days from 100 to 300 mm of rain. This may well provide the impetus for the emergence of new floods.


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