Australian scientist believes that revealed the secret of gold nuggets




Australian researcher Frank Reith said that he was able to solve the mystery of gold nuggets. This puzzle, the solution of which for centuries fought most inquisitive minds, until recently, and has remained unsolved.

Geophysicist and environmentalist, a doctoral candidate at the Sydney Environmental Research Center is sure to have found the key to it in the form of elementary bacteria. On the basis of numerous laboratory studies, he came to the conclusion that the formation of nuggets of varying weight and the most bizarre forms is similar in nature emergence of coral reefs.

In the latter case, the creators and architects are marine organisms, the gold has a similar function is performed by a special type of bacteria. Soaking up the molecules contained in the land of precious metal, then they settle on its grains of countless layers. This, scientists say, is demonstrated by the fact that all the nuggets coated with a thin film with appropriate biological structure and DNA.

Fungal colonies can evolve over centuries and even millennia. However, this phenomenon has nothing to do with Alchemy, as for the gold of the other components is still not possible. For the birth of a nugget needed saturated soil is a precious metal, as well as favorable conditions, and then everything else will take the bacteria. ITAR-TASS.


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