Australians support the use of biometrics


8.10.12.Bank ANZ, acting in Australia and New Zealand in the near future plans to introduce biometric identification technology in customer service. To assess the potential of these technologies Bank commissioned the survey among the residents of the Fifth Continent, said Russian biometric portal BIOMETRICS.RU.

75% of the study participants said they would be "happy" if one day, instead of entering the awkward and insecure PIN-codes, they will have the ability to scan fingerprints to confirm transactions with payment cards. Slightly fewer respondents (67%) did not object to the use of biometrics for iris.

Futurist Ross Dawson commented results of the new study: "It is possible that the cash is a thing of the past, and it would provide a real world in which there will be not only notes and coins, but also debit and credit cards. Soon to make payments, we will use fingerprints or iris. Australians have confirmed that they consider biometric comfortable, because it combines the convenience and security. "

ANZ Bank head Phil Hroniken set more pragmatic and believes that in the next two to three years, lenders commercialize biometric technologies that will improve the level of customer service. "It is possible to overcome the challenges that we face today in connection with the fact that PIN-codes can be easily intercepted," — said Hroniken.

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