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13.12.12.Vopreki protests of human rights defenders and journalists revelations we have a new law — "On the Unified State Register of demographic and documents that confirm the citizenship of Ukraine, of identity or her special status." It carries all the changes in Ukraine — from a frightened refugee to trust in their own impunity top corruption.

— Girl, you see the time?

Vsooo … — stretched the last word even more annoying Vick.

— How "vsooo"? Until the end of the day a quarter hours — not giving "a girl."

— No one is not. Come on Wednesday in the third window. Just try before … — passportist housing department without waiting for response, slams the door in Vika's nose.

"Thank you" — the only thing that manages to tell Vic. Two weeks ago, she celebrated her 25th birthday. Is beginning to paste a new picture in the passport. The girl heard, if not have time until the end of the year — with the usual passport bye.

Despite the protests of human rights defenders and journalists revelations we have a new law — "On the Unified State Register of demographic and documents that confirm the citizenship of Ukraine, of identity or her special status." It carries all the changes in Ukraine — from a frightened refugee to trust in their own impunity top corruption.

All and all in one database

Single registry — a database that will know all about each of us. It should be entered last name, first name, date and place of birth and death, gender, information about parents or guardians, citizenship or lack thereof, details of all documents issued to you, digitized signature specimen and your photo.

You have received a higher education? Get married? Died? Get a driver's license? This information should fall into the registry automatically, without your intervention.

Do not want to know about you? Then run out of documents. Without the roster, many of them for you to become taboo. In particular this applies to passports. On January 1, it will look like a plastic card. Besides the usual documents for its registration will need a unique number from the registry. And, by the way, a passport will now be issued regardless of age. And the need to change them every ten years.

Foreign passport will remain unchanged in appearance a book. But will be inserted into the chip with biometric data. Underneath the state involves an electronic signature, digital photo and a unique number from the registry.

"Digitized" and driver's license, identity document, a crew member, a temporary certificate of Ukrainian citizen, proof of identity and its special status, certificate of stateless person to travel abroad, a permanent residence permit, the type of temporary residence card migrant refugee certificate, refugee travel document.

This knowledge base for each of us, and even in the hands of the state, scares defenders. They even went under the administration of President defiantly be fingerprinted.

"Man and will not know that the information about his life gathered together for an indefinite period of unknown purpose. Such government actions violate Article 32 of the Constitution, international agreements and the law on the protection of personal data — wrote one of the human rights activist Yevgeniy Zakharov. — Not to mention the bad protection of these data is still available without any problem discs with fresh versions of the database of tax identification numbers. In case of acceptance of the bill and the full implementation of this concept of life of Ukrainians under state supervision can quite easily turn into a hell. "

The law nevertheless accepted. Even twice. Both times, voted for by the pro-presidential majority in Parliament — cards deputies from the Party of Regions, the Communist Party and the Party of Vladimir Litvin. Twice — because the first vote Yanukovych vetoed the law.

However, not because of the protests of human rights defenders. Manufacture and sale of Ukrainian documents — this billion-dollar business. Who for years fought for top officials. And intrigue veto determined who gets to win the struggle for the right to have "cut."

Defeated all

Documents — a perennial cause EDAPS Consortium. Hundreds of media, and we, too, not just describe the scheme by which this created an immigrant consortium is making money on the documents.

For example, six years EDAPS produces one page of the passport — the one where the photo. Each page brings a consortium of 109 hryvnia 50 kopecks. (!) This despite the fact that in all the other pages of the passport State Polygraph "Ukraine", they are made, gets 10 hryvnia 50 kopecks. To understand the scale of business, you should know that this year ordered 750,000 passports.

That lobbyist EDAPS Basil Hrycak and was the main driving force of the new law. As you know, it allows you to add to the business of dozens of documents, not to mention the development and maintenance of the Unified State Registry demographic.

In the way of others stood Gritsak powerful officials. Against the law in such a way was made for Michael Brodsky, head of the State Service for regulatory policy and entrepreneurship. "It is lobbying the interests of certain groups of individuals, and the forced imposition of mandatory paid to citizens identity documents" — dressed official. He was supported by influential Deputy Prime Minister Borys Kolesnikov. Together with Brodsky they two years ago began to fight with another business EDAPS undercover state — holograms. Brodsky and Kolesnikov Viktor Yanukovych persuaded to abandon the compulsory use of holograms in all forms, certificates, diplomas and other documents.

Last year, they also lobbied for a solution to all the documents and strict reporting forms manufactured State Polygraph "Ukraine". The government has given "good" for the purchase of a full range of equipment in Germany and Japan. The contract price — 120 million hryvnia.

But today Kolesnikov Brodsky routed and "Ukraine" does not know what will happen to him. If you re a law on biometric passports and the Unified State Register of demographic there has been amended, bringing together all the "business" of the state.

Corrupt prize with biometric passports

The new law is a norm that allows us to strip billions of hryvnia per year.

It was formulated (and most of these rules) as incomprehensible to ordinary people:

"… I propose to supplement the Law of the exclusion clauses of the Budget Code of Ukraine, the second part of paragraph 45 of Article 29."

In fact, this standard is regulated, what happens to the money from the licenses, certificates, permits, statements, evidence — dozens of securities, for which we pay to government agencies. We pay about three and a half billion hryvnia per year.

For example, a passport, we pay 377 hryvnia 15 kopecks. This is if you are ready to wait a month. Do you want in 10 days — pay 784.30. As you know, one of them for a passport Polygraph "Ukraine" deducted 10 hryvnia 50 kopecks. For one page EDAPS — 109 hryvnia 50 kopecks. How to spend all the rest of the money from each passport, so far failed to find any journalist.

Or Traffic police also subordinate MIA last year "sold out" eight hundred thousand more driver's licenses. Each driver has paid for their nearly 250 hryvnia. Another million and 200 thousands of technical documents for vehicles — the price of which started with five hundred hryvnia each.

One of the leaders of such sales "services from the state" is the Ministry of Justice, headed by Oleksandr Lavrynovych now. Actually, he coordinates the work of the State Registration Service. In 2011 they registered more than 215 thousand individuals and legal entities, 551 newspapers and magazines, 118 information resources, 81 non-government organization of 11 political parties, 28 charities. Each title is, of course, was paid for.

So, all the money this year were right to go to the state budget. This, of course, tame "trade" such "services" for the heads of government agencies and businesses to sell. And so, the amendment in the new law the president has kept his right not to give everything to the treasury.

Now you understand why the majority in Parliament immediately voted for the law again? "Business" has the potential to expand. New technologies also. Biometrics.


In general, when modern technology can be fingerprints, fingers and zdavat, back in 2007, the company Nokia has patented Touch Recognition fingerprints, so that owners of expensive touchscreen phones, I congratulate you, and without your fingerprints as srisuyut not do dick, number assigned to a person and nowhere on it is not going anywhere))) 

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