Base 211. Antarctic stronghold of the Third Reich

Many historians believe that the plans of Hitler's government recently took the colonization of Antarctica and its use of virgin resources in the war for world domination.

In 1938, the German ship Swabialand with seaplane on board explored a large section of Antarctica, now known as Queen Maud Land. Were found vast areas of land, ice-free, and according to some, even a system of underground voids. Surveyed area was named New Swabia and was declared belonging to Germany.

The study results so impressed the leaders of the expedition, that on his return to Germany, they immediately began to prepare a second, much more ambitious. However, this is the official history of the study by the Nazis in Antarctica ends. The next expedition allegedly did not take place due to the outbreak of the Second World War.

However, there are many facts to suggest that the Third Reich in high security mode continued to explore the ice continent. In some classified documents referred to in the Antarctic project to create a giant underground complex under the name "Base 211". Unfortunately, most of the documentation on the activities of the Nazis in Antarctica was destroyed at the end of the war.

However, there is a fairly large amount of circumstantial evidence, such as the evacuation of the facts in an unknown direction of entire enterprises, a large number of mining equipment and hundreds of concentration camp prisoners. Maybe it was meant for the construction of base 211. Apparently, there is at the end of the war had been evacuated some of the equipment from the landfill Peenemunde, where to test new aircraft, including the legendary "diskolety."

Connections between the "mother country" and "polar colony", carried out mainly by special submarines that could take on a large amount of cargo. The data on the construction of submarines were obtained by U.S. intelligence at the end of the war. Is also well known phrase of Grand Admiral Doenitz: "The German submarine fleet is proud to have created a world impregnable fortress for the Fuhrer."

In early 1947, the American fleet of 13 ships, which included a one aircraft carrier headed for the coast of Queen Maud Land. In official documents the operation, dubbed "high jump" was listed as a research expedition, despite the fact that it was composed of only twenty-five scientists, but more than 4,000 soldiers and officers of the Marine Corps. However, less than two months, the expedition left the study area and returned to their homeland.

Termination does not officially explained, and in the independent press began to report that the squadron, which was actually sent for the detection and elimination of polar secret Nazi base, took a fight with an unknown enemy and was forced to retreat with heavy losses. A year later, in one of the European editions were published sensational stories of some members of the alleged ill-fated expedition vynyrnuvshih out of the water and attacked them "flying discs", the strange atmospheric phenomena caused by mental disorders ….

However, no more "military-scientific 'expeditions to the Antarctic land had been taken and the noise gradually died down in the press. However, numerous sightings of UFOs over Antarctica spawned to life enduring theory that the "alien ships" are in fact diskoletami the Third Reich and the products are manufactured at 211.

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