Because of abnormal heat in Odessa and Crimea spring flowers bloom

February 7, 2013. For example, in Odessa Mechnikov botanical garden from-for thaw yellow flowers bloomed jasmine bush golotsvetkovogo, maroon color? Camila fragrant shrub, blossomed white snowdrops and swollen buds hellebore Caucasian (other name? Christmas rose). The next step? Scilla, Mahonia, crocus and colchicum, the newspaper "Today".

In Sevastopol same from-for the warm atmospheric front that came to the Crimea a week ago, on the Ship of the city, in the South Bay during the whole blooming snowdrops and lilac buds. On beds in the center of the city appeared decorative flowers. The temperature? 19 ° C, locals took off jackets and coats, sweaters, and walk in, says "Ukrinform."

At the same time, the Crimean Emergency Management today announced the peninsula storm warning due to worsening weather conditions.

Source: The Epoch Times

Abnormally warm weather established in Sevastopol

February 7, 2013. Abnormally warm weather occurred in Sevastopol, air warmed to 19 degrees Celsius. Thaw is accompanied by clear weather and lack of wind.

Crimean forecasters reported in the first half of the week that the peninsula is the hot weather front. The city on Monday began warming, though it was accompanied by showers that ended only on Wednesday.

On the side of the Ship of Sevastopol in the yards of lilac buds and blooming snowdrops. In the center of the city on beds appeared decorative flowers. Local people go to blouses and shirts.

According to weather forecasts, warm weather continue in Sevastopol all week.

Source: Inter News

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